Maddie Rajah


A diligent and self-motivated International Relations Graduate with outstanding skills developed in copywriting for a variety of sectors including retail, travel, charity and finance. Demonstrates a keen interest in the written domain supported by excellent research skills, CMS experience, implementing TOV as well as editing and proofreading capabilities.

Burlingham London
Meritocracy; its philosophy, practice and importance

Meritocracy in itself is a simple concept; those who work hard, gain merit and develop skill will succeed. It is a simple reality we are taught from our earliest school years where we saw the concept materialise. Back then, it was the simple equation of 'get good grades, get good jobs'.

Awkward Office Moments At allbranded

If you work, live and breathe in an office environment and spend more than half your life in there, you will come across some awkward moments which you'd rather avoid but most certainly won't; it's all part of the 9-5 journey! Find out some of the common ones in our office now.

The Student Pocket Guide
Diving into the wormhole - augmented reality

An augmented reality, the stuff Matrix is made of. For many the theory is not a theory at all. It's science fiction and confined within such books, movies and comics but never to leak into reality. Who can blame the initial resistance and the scoff that follows when one even entertains the idea?

The Metropolist.
Realism over globalization: Is it possible?

Globalism is a philosophy that ultimately values the collective over individual rights and this tends to translate more closely to left-wing policies when it comes to implementation.

I The Stylist
Kick ass in your interview and know your strengths

How often have you hung up the phone after a phone interview feeling lesser than you did 15 minutes ago? "Bloody hell, that didn't go well". You just know that you didn't impress. While you realise you didn't fail to any epic proportions, you also know that you didn't say anything to stand out.

StudentJob UK
Surviving Your First Graduate Job

When making your way home after graduation and a well-deserved break, you find yourself beaming with pride, as you should. It took more all-nighters and energy drinks to walk away with that certificate in your hand than you'd like to admit but in the end, it's worth the investment for the world of work to come.

Shatter the Fourth Wall
Your value

Status; your job, your income, the car you drive. Society, life and maybe even your old college friends tell you that this trio is where you get your value from. Well, dear millennial, most of us don't even have one of those. Does this mean there is no value in what you are doing right...

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