Maddie Rajah


A diligent and self-motivated International Relations Graduate with outstanding skills developed in copywriting for a variety of sectors including retail, travel, charity and finance. Demonstrates a keen interest in the written domain supported by excellent research skills, CMS experience, implementing TOV as well as editing and proofreading capabilities.

Sport England
Active travel

Increasing levels of physical activity is central to improving the nation’s health and wellbeing, and active travel - which is the everyday journeys we make to get from place to place, like cycling to work - is widely viewed as having the potential to play a major part in that mission.

International money transfers explained

If you want to send money overseas, foreign exchanges and currency brokers often charge no fees and can offer better exchange rates than a high street bank. So how does it work?

Explore Royal Britain

Britain just oozes with royalty and rich history. Discover the UK’s castles, palaces, yachts and more. Explore our interactive map to discover royal attractions across Britain.

Burlingham London
Meritocracy; its philosophy, practice and importance

Meritocracy in itself is a simple concept; those who work hard, gain merit and develop skill will succeed. It is a simple reality we are taught from our earliest school years where we saw the concept materialise.

The Student Pocket Guide
Diving into the wormhole - augmented reality

An augmented reality, the stuff Matrix is made of. For many the theory is not a theory at all. It's science fiction and confined within such books, movies and comics but never to leak into reality.

The Metropolist.
Realism over globalization: Is it possible?

Globalism is a philosophy that ultimately values the collective over individual rights and this tends to translate more closely to left-wing policies when it comes to implementation.

StudentJob UK
Surviving Your First Graduate Job

When making your way home after graduation and a well-deserved break, you find yourself beaming with pride, as you should.

Shatter the Fourth Wall
Your value

Status; your job, your income, the car you drive. Society, life and maybe even your old college friends tell you that this trio is where you get your value from.

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