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Digital Copywriter | Journalist

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Jenni has written for lifestyle brands since her days of studying advertising and journalism at James Madison University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts & Design. Afterward, she moved to New York City, where for five years she moved up the ranks at American Cheerleader Magazine. She was named senior editor at the publication, and was ultimately given the responsibility of enhancing the magazine's coverage out west. Now based in Los Angeles, Jenni is a copywriter and editor, specializing in cutting-edge e-commerce descriptions and marketing content. She currently works at Disney Parks & Resorts Digital, creating content for multiple brands.


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A Tale Of Two Beaches: Pro Volleyball Leagues Have Different Approaches

It's overcast and a comfortable 72 degrees the morning of the 2014 National Volleyball League's Hermosa Beach Championships main draw. "Perfect volleyball weather," assures announcer Alex Kutsy over his mike. Swimsuit-clad male and female pros congregate under the player tent facing the main court.
Safia Shoe

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Lucky brand

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The truth behind the most frustrating cheer stereotypes.

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Help solve your skin woes with all-natural foods and beverages.

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Whether you're thinking about becoming a full-fledged vegetarian or have been one for some time, here's a mix of tips to help fuel your lifestyle.

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Ways to break the mold, plus 21 things every good captain should do.

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The superstar singer and actress shares her secrets from the BIO set!

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Veteran staffers give you the scoop on standing out in all the right (and wrong) ways at camp.

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Three push-up variations to punch up your conditioning routine.

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Two minutes of oomph!

Push yourself to the limit and try this short, but far from sweet fitness test.

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Blend crazy fashion faves from years past with today's style staples to create fun looks for you and your teammates to rock this fall.

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The sky's the limit for this season's hottest workout wear.

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Five gals who perform feats you'll never see on the competition floor.

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Denim for all shapes and sizes.

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Girls Day Out

Back-to-school power shopping sprees are about about spending time with friends, snack breaks and toting around a girl's best friend.

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Fashion Flashback

Cheer gear has come along way since saddle shoes and full-length skirts!

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Actress and singer Tiffany Thornton, star of Disney Channel's "Sonny with a Chance," chats about her past as a Texas cheerleader.

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It's finally summer and The 4C's are off to cheer camp. Help guide them through their busy day by using your own skills and knowledge to get them back to their cabin before lights out!

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Play these popular icebreakers and help turn your teammates into chatterboxes.

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My Mini Cheer Dictionary

Just starting out? The 4C's will help ya talk the talk in no time flat!

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So Much To Do, So Little Time!

Trying out for cheerleading can be super stressful! Here's a checklist to help you get ready for the big day.

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