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Hanover Magazine
Don't Gamble Your Finances

by Mable Buchanan Jamie Mladenoff, of Edward Jones Investments, and Jake Lawrence, of Riggle & Associates, have a unique job - they are invested not only in finances, but also in the clients trying to manage those finances. As financial advisors in Hanover, they share all of their clients' personal ups and downs, offering professional ...

Carroll Magazine
Battle of the Young Bulge

by Mable Buchanan Action for Healthy Kids. Fuel Up to Play 60. The Highmark Foundation. Let's Move. While these programs go by many different names, they share one goal: putting an end to childhood obesity. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that in 2015, 11.5 percent of Maryland youth in grades nine through 12 ...

Carroll Magazine
Open Wide: Your Mouth Offers Window to Your Health

by Mable Buchanan A healthy mouth is a healthy body. Dentists know this mantra well. They also know that they will share it often and with the widest audience possible if it means that more people will actually heed the call. After all, patients' oral health contains several helpful indicators for the health of the rest ...

Run Moore Blog Column

Run Moore
How I Plan on Tackling My First Marathon

Then I realized that was a bit impatient. Now, though I prefer cooler runs and don't go during heat or air quality advisory times, I embrace hot and post-lift runs because I recognize that I'm training my body not to perform perfectly in perfect conditions, but instead to adjust to uncomfortable conditions, like heat or tiredness, and keep going anyway.

Run Moore
Cross-Training for Injury Prevention (and Joy!)

As my long runs get even longer, two questions keep coming back to me: "How can I do this without injuring myself?" and "What in the world am I going to do once this is over?" For me, the answer to both right now is in cross-training.

Features and Lists

Carroll Magazine
Teacher's Gifts Made Easy

by Mable Buchanan Even if you ask your child about their class and they can't think of a "teacher's pet" it's probably still a bad idea to buy your child's teacher a parrot as a token of appreciation. If that was the plan A that you had in mind, don't worry.

Carroll Magazine
Quick School Lunches

by Mable Buchanan Many things speed up in the fall-days get shorter, and so does the amount of time until school begins, children's schedules, and the amount of time a parent has to get their child up, dressed, and out the door, and somewhere in between put together an easily packable lunch appealing enough that ...

Carroll Magazine
School Supplies That Make Learning More Fun

by Mable Buchanan BRIGHTLY COLORED PENS and HIGHLIGHTERS are a way to bring some excitement to school supplies that your child probably needs anyway, and the different colors can encourage them to stay organized and take more careful notes. CREATIVE PAPER CLIPS come in many fun shapes and colors, like music notes or animals, and ...