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SEO/Social Media specialist and content creator with a background in illustration, writing and graphic design.


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Mobile Matrix Repair
Mobile Matrix Repair Blog

We are a Burlington and Winston-Salem based company devoted to providing quality repairs and quality service. We use the highest quality parts and train our technicians extensively to be able to install them properly.

New Homes - ADC Orange Homes | Orange County, NY

Enjoy old world charm and state of the art living with new homes in Orange County, NY! ADC Builders is currently building estate homes in Fox Hill Farm and Winding Brook Court in scenic Orange County, NY. Contact ADC Orange Homes today!


10 Facts About The Most Dangerous Criminal In Nevada - Patrick McKenna

For a man to be labeled "the most dangerous criminal in Nevada," he must've done something wrong. But that's the moniker many have given to Patrick McKenna. He has been on Nevada's death row since 1979, and he is considered the state's most dangerous felon. Why? He's ...

13 Horrifying Crimes That Happened On Cruise Ships

Sun, fun, adventure, booze, and all the food you desire. No one can dispute the fact that some time on a cruise ship can lead to some relaxing getaways and many fond memories. However, cruise ships have secrets that can be dangerous and even downright deadly. From the early 1900s to the 2...

These People Actually Found Live Animals In The Sewer

In the 1980's Alligator film, New York City is terrorized by Ramon, a baby alligator who grows to a monstrous size in the sewers. Ramon then devours a few pets and a number of really unlikeable characters. As far back as the 1930s, people have been fascinated by the idea that alligators are actively stalking the New York City sewers.

10 Terrifying Ghost Stories From Washington D.C.

Washington DC has been the center of United States political activity for generations - and as such, it has bore witness to many of the country's greatest struggles and triumphs alike. So, it's not surprising that a city with such a rich history of world shattering events a...

These Incredible Abilities Give Sharks A Sixth (And Seventh) Sense

When most people hear the word "shark," it conjures up images of the ravenous great white menace from Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic film Jaws - an unstoppable killing machine bent on gobbling up unsuspecting skinny dippers. The conventional image of the shark is the fearsome, omnivorous...

Everything That Happens When A Whale Explodes

It's a sad fact of life, but it happens more frequently than you'd think. Mass whale death is a phenomenon the world is seeing more frequently. And when whales die, they beach themselves. Another sad fact of life is that, much like humans, beached whales' bodies decompose and sometimes ex...

Screen Rant
15 Racist Stereotypes You Didn't Know Were Still In Comic Books Today

Racism in comics is a subject that has seen a surprising amount of ink in recent years. What started out as power fantasies for teenage white males has become a worldwide phenomenon that represents a cross section of socio-political and cultural demographics. Simply put, everybody loves comics.

10 Marvel Storylines That Prove Comics Can Be Just as Deep as 'Real' Literature

What is real literature? Some have described literature as stories about losers, others have reduced literary merit to formulaic equations where length and number of deaths matter above all else. The truth is, dusty old scholars aside, the definition of real literature is a subjective thing and dep...

11 Tropes Marvel Studios Needs to Start Avoiding

Marvel Studios has been responsible for bringing some of Marvel Comics' most iconic characters to the big screen to the delight and adulation of fans and moviegoers across the globe. Thanks to revolutions in cinematic technology, characters that were bound to the printed page and stilted, low budge...

8 Reasons You Have No Chance in Hell of Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Picture if you will, the zombie apocalypse. Shambling, shuffling, dead things... coming to eat your face. The image of your sweet grandma and the flashbacks of her warm embrace are now superimposed on the lens of your imagination, as she mindlessly rips you open and devours your innards.

Screen Rant
X-Men: 15 Times Magneto Won

Since his first appearance in Uncanny X-Men v1 #1, Max Eisenhardt has become a defining character in the Marvel Universe. The product of an early life filled with suffering and despair, the man better known as Magneto has used the unimaginable power at his command in his crusade to prevent any mutant from knowing the depths of horror he was forced to suffer through as a Jewish man during the Third Reich.

15 Classic Examples of Chaotic Evil Characters

"Chaotic evil (CE) creatures act with arbitrary violence, spurred by their greed, hatred, or bloodlust." - Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rules 5th Ed.We all know that in pop culture, our antagonists can be relied upon to think evil thoughts, say evil words, and do evil things, all for evil reasons.

10 Epic Moments When Storm Was the Baddest Member of the X-Men

Goddess. Leader. Queen. Over the years, Storm has been many things, but as one of the most enduring characters in the Marvel Universe, Ororo Munroe has never been boring. From her debut in 1975, through countless storylines and appearances in practically every Marvel animated show ever produce...

13 Times Hulk Was Defeated in Ultra Violent Fashion

Anyone who knows anything about any facet of the realm of comic book mythos knows one fact beyond any and all dispute - the Hulk is one of the baddest badasses on the block. Most readers may not even remeber times when Hulk was defeated. As one of the most recognizable faces in comics, Hu...


Elder Scrolls Lore Series: Season 2 - YouTube

I was the primary writer for twelve minute webisodes that centered on the lore behind the Elder Scrolls video game franchise that played on ShoddyCast's Youtube channel. I worked with the creative producer, who would give me a rundown of the topics for the season. I would take those topics, research them, then write narrative stories that would explain that particular piece of game backstory in a cinematic way. My script would then be sent to a machinima artist who would create the movie,...


Insane Comics
The Monsterjunkies - Insane comics

Join the Monsterjunkie teenage family members Crow and Indigo as they confront a town's harsh bullying and find the courage to overcome their harassment by throwing open the gates to their unique home and private sanctuary to their menagerie of protected, exotic and "non existing" legendary creatures.

Milady Red #1

Milady Red:SHRIEK #01 is 22 page comic; the first part of a four part story, written by me in 2007. In addition to writing the story I am co-inker and co-digital colorist.

Strange Stories #3

I am the writer of "The Faerie", a short story which was drawn by Amanda Boykin and published in Strange Stories #3 by Pronto Comics. It is part of an anthology of children's stories focused on the process of growing up. The story began as a conventional children's story and took a Roald Dahl-ish turn at some point. The book was done remotely, by way of Dropbox and email and was published in April of 2014.

Slice Of Life

Pencilled and inked the cover for the book "Slice Of Life" The illustration was digitally colored. The book was done remotely and published in the summer of 2012.

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