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Freelance writer specializing in endangered species, climate change, animal rights, and health. Email me at [email protected]

Our Life Logs

This is the 126th story of Our Life Logs | ­­I was much more scared than I was thrilled when we got the call to come to Jewish hospital where someone was dying of chronic heart disease. His liver and kidneys were a match. "Do I have time to pack a suitcase?"

Animal Rights Channel
Should the Ohio River be more polluted?

In a tucked away corner of Kentucky, on a recent Thursday night, several elected officials conducted a poorly publicized public hearing to discuss whether regulations that have protected the Ohio River from pollution should be "revised."

Animal Rights Channel
Pet leasing: The latest in predatory lending

The sales person at Pets R Us apparently wants to help you. She tells you about Wags Lending. This nice company will loan you money so that you can take your puppy home! The loan process is amazingly easy, so easy you should probably be a little suspicious.

Lynn M. Hamilton

Lynn M. Hamilton is the author of Florence Nightingale (3.83 avg rating, 386 ratings, 46 reviews, published 2015), Gandhi (3.81 avg rating, 357 ratings, ...
Dale Peterson - Jane Goodall - Book Review

Ten years in the making, Dale Peterson's definitive biography Jane Goodall: The Woman Who Redefined Man finally shows us Goodall's life as a whole: her charmed childhood in the English countryside, her early career as a secretary, her association with renowned anthropologist Louis Leakey and her later role as animal rights activist.
Kristin Gore - Interview

During a reader's first 10 minutes of acquaintance with Samantha (Sammy) Joyce, she discloses much of her loveable character. Spooked by a rogue fireworks display, Sammy dives off a boat into the Potomac right in front of her boss, the Vice President of the United States of America.

Sign Petition: Save Flying Foxes!

The Mauritian flying fox is a fruit eater and Mauritius Island's most efficient seed spreader. So why are Mauritian fruit farmers (45083 signatures on petition)

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