Lydia Warren

Editor in Chief,

I'm a British print-turned-digital reporter and editor who moved to New York "for 6 months"... in 2011.
For a year, I did a new thing in New York City every day and wrote about it. Check out the website here:
Now I manage Inside Edition's growing digital team at CBS Interactive.

Inside Edition
Meet The Woman Who Organizes Funerals For Abandoned Children

When Elissa Davey read an article in 1998 about a baby boy whose body was dumped in a college campus trash can, she couldn't forget his story. A month later, wondering what had become of him, she called the county coroner who told her he still had the body.
How a year of doing a new thing every day made me love New York

As I enter the ABC studios, I check out my competition: lithe, ridiculously beautiful girls with far too much makeup and optimism. I quickly realize my heels aren't high enough, my skirt isn't short enough and my 'story' isn't going to make anyone cry.
How the One World Trade Center Observatory pays tribute to the city's resilience

The One World Observatory at the One World Trade Center officially opened to the public on Friday Thousands of visitors passed through the doors and ascended 1,250 feet to the 102nd floor to take in the views Walking towards an elevator that would carry me 1,250 feet to the One World Observatory, I watched video accounts from those who had built it.

Inside Edition
3 Young Cancer Survivors Pose Together 3 Years After Photo Went Viral

Three years after posing for a photo that tugged at heartstrings around the world, these three little cancer survivors from Oklahoma are showing everyone just how far they've come. Rheann Franklin, now 9, Ainsley Peters, 7, and 6-year-old Rylie Hughey posed side-by-side in a powerful image three years ago, and have reunited every year since.

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