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Lydia Catling


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Trainee Reporter at the Kent Messenger. Studied MA Magazine Journalism (PPA accredited) at the University of Sheffield and took the NCTJ.


Kent Messenger/Kent Online

Kent Online
Boy raises money with charity football match

An eight-year-old boy has raised more than £1,300 to help build playgrounds for children in developing countries with a charity football match. Humphrey Hamilton-Barnes was inspired to do something to help others after a fire ripped through his home in Larking Drive, Allington in April.

Kent Online
20 firefighters called to house blaze

Firefighters were called to a blaze in a terraced house. Black smoke was seen rising from the property in Newchurch Road, Maidstone at around 11.30am. Those living in nearby streets thought it was coming from an Arriva bus depot in Armstrong Road.

Kent Online
Pub forced to close due to burst pipe

A Maidstone pub lost nearly two days of trade after being forced to close by a water pipe which burst twice in 24 hours. The 10-inch cast iron water main in Ware Street, Bearsted ruptured on Sunday morning, leaving an estimated 2,000 homes and businesses without a clean supply.

Kent Online
Young amputees race for charity

Two young boys from Maidstone have raised more than £1,000 for a limb impairment charity in just nine days. Little Tony Hudgell, four, and Thomas Lewis, five, who are both double amputees, took part in a Mojo Marafun organised by the charity Limbpower at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Buckinghamshire.

Kent Online
Asylum seeker opens restaurant

Growing up in Eritrea, Ziggy Okubay had lost hope of a bright future. The country has been ruled as an undemocratic single-party state since it gained independence in 1993 and is deemed to have one of the worst human rights records in the world.

Kent Online
Council sets up review into climate change

A council has agreed to set up a working group to lead an inquiry into climate change and threats to wildlife. In the Policy and Resources meeting held this week, Maidstone borough councillors voted in favour of forming a group responsible for reviewing pollution in the town and producing an action plan for the council's consideration.

Kent Online
Rare storm cloud spotted

The Met Office has confirmed a woman from Eccles spotted a rare mammatus cloud formation yesterday. Julie Devlin, 40, took the picture on Bull Lane in Eccles after a thunder and lightning storm at 8pm. According to the Met Office, mammatus clouds are some of the most distinctive formations and are described as a 'series of bulges or pouches emerging from the base'.

Kent Online
Young amputees race for charity

Two young boys from Maidstone have raised more than £1,000 for a limb impairment charity in just nine days. Little Tony Hudgell, four, and Thomas Lewis, five, who are both double amputees, took part in a Mojo Marafun organised by the charity Limbpower at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Buckinghamshire.

Kent Online
WATCH: Road melts in heat

Holes have appeared on a road in Maidstone which has melted in the heat. Roads bosses confirmed an investigation is underway to find out why the new surface failed in this week's high temperatures. Witnesses reported seeing the damage on the A20 Ashford Road, where other works are already being carried out.

Kent Online
'I told them people are going to die'

A water company was told elderly people could die when they were suddenly left without water for five days. Homeowners in Linton, near Maidstone, lost supplies as temperatures began hotting up with South East Water having to hand out emergency bottled water. The firm received calls from 37 customers in the vicinity of Wheelers Lane last week.

Kent Online
Glass shatters onto street

A window from a second floor flat fell to the ground in a busy pedestrian street. People walking along the High Street, Maidstone, narrowly avoided the falling glass. It is believed the frame was blown off by a strong gust of wind. Witnesses heard a loud crash as the sheet of glass hit the street outside TSB Bank.

Kent Online
Depression tackling documentary first viewing

A woman who survived a suicide attempt has produced a documentary with her friend about her experience with depression and anxiety to help improve people's mental health. It will be shown for the first time at the YMCA in Tovil, Maidstone, this Saturday.

Kent Online
The White Bear returns

A pub favourite is set to return to the high street. The Tunbridge Wells Bar and Grill, which recently closed down on the High Street, has been acquired by Young's pub group who have decided to return the business to its original name The White Bear.

Work Experience January 28 - February 1

Midweek Herald
Curator who gave Honiton gallery a national presence steps down after 13 years

Archant The curator and manager at Honiton's Thelma Hulbert Gallery (THG), has stepped down from her role after 13 years due to ill health. Angela Blackwell and her guide dog, Flynn. Picture: Callum Lawton Angela Blackwell first joined the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in 2005 when the gallery occupied the upper floor of Elmfield House.

Exmouth Journal
County council pledges to make Devon carbon neutral by 2050, to meet UN target

Alex_Ishchenko It will work with other organisations to reduce emissions, use more renewable energy, and promote sustainable transport, in a bid to slow global warming A 'climate emergency' has been declared by Devon county council after the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned of the devastation a 2°C rise in global temperatures could cause.

Midweek Herald
Recycling collections falter as big freeze hits UK

East Devon District Council's (EDDC) recycling vehicles could not access areas around Honiton - including Dunkeswell, Yarcombe and Stockland. The county was hit by a UK-wide polar vortex overnight, with rural areas hit hardest. The Met Office has given a yellow warning of snow and ice for later this week.

Midweek Herald
Nothing on last year! Just a dusting of snow for Honiton so far

Archant Honiton residents awoke to a blanket of snow this morning as the county was hit by a country-wide polar vortex overnight. Honiton has received a dusting of snow. Picture: Lydia Catling. The dusting of snow came after the Met Office released a yellow warning for expected ice and snow across the southwest on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Features Portfolio - University Coursework

University of Sheffield
Dear Stepdad…

Amy, 23, has kept a secret about her childhood for 15 years. Today she finally opens that long forgotten chapter in her story in an open letter to her stepfather.

University of Sheffield
The donor egg generation

How the growing demand for donor eggs in the UK is forcing women to foreign IVF clinics

University of Sheffield
“It’s like TED talks for cancer”

Sophie Trew, 28, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when she was just 23 years-old. As she sat in the teenage cancer ward undergoing chemotherapy, she came up with Trew Fields – the UK’s first holistic health & cancer awareness festival. As preparations for the third festival in July are underway, Lydia Catling spoke to Sophie about her diagnosis and how Trew Fields came to life.

University of Sheffield
Is Corbyn still the right choice for the opposition?

Corbyn inadvertently sparked a major discussion about sexism in the most powerful room in the country this week, but more significantly for him, highlighted his shortcomings as Labour leader.

News Portfolio - University Coursework

Wonder Magazine (Online Publication)

Wonder Magazine
Rediscovering Female Empowerment

Recently it has been hard to avoid the immense rise in support. Every day there are new posts on social media highlighting exactly what is wrong with society and why it should change.

Wonder Magazine
A lesson in love and growing up

Everyone says before the big leap ‘university was the best three years of my life, savour every minute of it’. However no one prepares you for the emotional effect it can have.

Personal Blog

My Little Life
My contraceptive journey. Part 1 - The story so far

Contraceptive methods are something that affects every single one of us, male or female. I, for one, felt completely overwhelmed when deciding which contraceptive method was best for me. Pill, implant, coil – where do you begin?

My Little Life
My take on the Roxanne Pallet controversy

As I’m sure many people were, I was left quite perplexed by Roxanne Pallett’s reaction to what seemed to be a harmless playfight with Ryan Thomas in last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

My Little Life
Ode to a mother

Have you ever met a person and thought ‘wow you have the most unfortunate luck’? My mum is one of those people. Coupled with her unbelievable knack for putting her foot in it, she is quite a character. But, I wouldn’t change her for the world.

My Little Life
What's with all the career bashing?

When you graduate university, it’s a pretty scary time in your life. Everything has changed. It’s time to get a ‘proper job’ and grow up. Talking from experience, it’s not always easy to get to that place straight away. I used to beat myself up about my career and what people thought of me. But now I couldn’t give a monkeys. Why can’t we just let people live their lives how they want to live it? What is with the constant judging? Why are we putting pressure on young people to settle into...

My Little Life
Workwear Balance

Since starting work full-time last July, I’ve had to expand my workwear wardrobe greatly. I now find I spend more money buying clothes for work than I do on everyday clothes, unfortunately. It took me a long time to find the balance between clothes that show your own identity that are also formal enough for an office environment.

My Little Life
Makeup for the clueless

As a female I think it is often assumed that you know about makeup and how to use it. However I am completely useless. My mum is the same as me and my step-mum wears minimal makeup and still looks amazing so I didn’t have much guidance on how to apply it. Luckily nowadays we have Youtube tutorials and makeup artists advising us on useful techniques to gain a flawless appearance. Fortunately for me, my best friends also know a lot and I learn loads of tips and tricks from them.

My Little Life
5 ways to survive learning Shorthand

When you start at Sheffield they warn you that Shorthand is the toughest element of the course, but nothing quite prepared me for the hours I would spend practising, the cramping in my thumb and the occasional tears shed when it all seems far too overwhelming.

My Little Life
My time at university in hindsight

I’ve been waiting for a while to make a new blog post as I have found my life, as of late, to be extremely dull. I’m all out of inspiration and creativity because, in all honesty, I’ve been working my arse off trying to do well in my degree.

My Little Life
Goodbye 2016

It is undeniable that this year has been incredibly questionable. I cannot wait to see the back of 2016 and all the bad things that have happened. I'm hoping the next year ahead makes up for the crap times we've shared. This year has to be the time we all come together.

Work Related Blog Writing

Social media for small businesses | Think Creative

by Lydia Catling / 22 May 2018 Social media is everywhere. From the humble beginnings of MySpace and Facebook, social media has blown up and continues to change on a regular basis. As well as providing people with numerous channels to communicate, social media has helped businesses, large and small, gain exposure on a global scale.

Dybles Estate Agents
How to increase your kerb appeal - a Winchester estate agents' guide

When viewing a property, first impressions are crucial. It has been claimed that potential buyers decide whether they are going to buy a home within 8 seconds, making the exterior of your property an important factor in their decision. We've compiled a list of tips to help increase your home's kerb appeal and add value to your property.

Dybles Estate Agents
Our Top 5 Breakfasts in Winchester

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Winchester certainly has a lot to offer. Whether you are on the go or looking to get some brunch, Winchester has so much variety you'll struggle to decide where to go! So, we've put together a list of some of our favourite places to grab a bite to eat.

Dybles Estate Agents
5 lesser-known historical facts about Winchester

The city of Winchester is steeped in history. Most streets have a story to tell and, as a result, prove a popular location for tourists and keen historians. Well, you may think you know everything about Winchester but we think these five facts will surprise some Winchester residents!

Dybles Estate Agents
Our Top 5 Apps For Home-Owners (and they're free!)

Here at Dybles we've put together a list of some of our favourite apps for all you home-owners out there! If you have a passion for interiors, Houzz is the app for you. Use the app for interior design inspiration, shop a huge variety of products from hundreds of Houzz members or find a professional to help with your newest renovation.

Dybles Estate Agents
Halloween in Winchester - Dybles Estate Agents

Halloween and the October half term are fast approaching. It can sometimes be a struggle to think of entertaining activities for your children but never fear! We have compiled a list of some fang-tastic events taking place in Winchester for all the family!

Dybles Estate Agents
Dybles Festive Season

The festive season is always a magical time, especially in Winchester. Here at Dybles we've had a fantastic Christmas. Check out some of the brilliant things we've been up to! This year we were privileged to sponsor the Winchester Musicals and Opera Society for their rendition of Irving Berlin's 'White Christmas'.

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