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Lucius Wilson
Dereliction of Duty: The Failure of The Republican Congress

When will Republicans in Congress do their jobs? It's a question that seems to grow in relevance with each passing day. This is the party that likes to wrap its self in the American flag whenever it is politically convenient, the "Make America Great Again", crowd.


Lucius Wilson
Trump's Obama Obsession

I wrote an article a little while ago about Trump's decision to end DACA and had a woman write to me that Trump ending this program was somehow President Obama's fault. Obama's fault? Trump has been President for going on eight months, it's been a train wreck of a presidency no doubt about it, but...

The Black Detour
The White Supremacist in the White House

The Black Detour is an independent online publication. Providing a unbiased, unfiltered and often thought-provoking conversation transcending Black culture.

Lucius Wilson
How to Vacation Like a Local

Time and research, that's it. Taking the time to do research and having a plan of action before you travel will save you time, and money. Saving time and money will allow you more time to submerge yourself in the local community and thus experience your vacation destination as a local would.

Lucius Wilson
Health Disparities Driven by Socioeconomic

Socioeconomic status (SES) is often measured as a combination of education, income, and occupation. It is commonly conceptualized as the social standing or class of an individual or group (APA). Depending on where you come down on the economic latter will often determine the quality and quantity of healthcare you are able to receive which...

Lucius Wilson
The Concept of Race

Does race have any scientific validity, or is it a social construct without any biological meaning? Many mainstream scientists believe the latter. All modern humans originated in Africa and have only small variations in their genes. Race is understood to be a useful tool to elucidate human genetic diversity, but is also understood to be...

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