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I write poems, articles, and essays and live in Los Angeles. My chapbook "Dysplasia" is available from Finishing Line Press.

Queen Mob's Tea House
Poem: Lucy Tiven - Queen Mob's Tea House

change of address i ruined halloween last year my ex boyfriend in a witch costume yelling on the corner of 6th & Western but what doesn't feel like the real thing for a second anyway sometimes i forgive everyone out loud in the car and wish them health or happiness instead of the radio every now and then you receive mail that was supposed to end up in the past.

Hobart :: Thought Experiments

I imagine you shooting a bb gun in the desert, hitting a bottle though some days it takes a second to remember my own voice


the night Trump won the Florida primary I was eating crackers. can't believe the AP reporter said it in the headline. the next week she covered the gawker trial. It was like reading pieces of a detective novel in the paper.

The Quietus
The Quietus | Features | Tome On The Range | Two Poems By: Lucy Tiven

I am afraid that Conan O'Brien wouldn't like me even a little and I would like him so much I would plunge from the roof like a sick pigeon and tear away all of my life. Is that a thing? -Or its familiar radiance what we actually want when we tell our bodies to attempt worship?

The Scrambler :: 4 poems by Lucy Tiven

enough to install into old houses. The town was so small and everything felt small inside it. He never wanted to leave and pointed out the North star. I shrugged, told him it was no good to me. Both of them

Fruita Pulp
Two Poems by Lucy Tiven

Two Poems by Lucy Tiven Centripetal Force Light scattered over the pool all morning. I'm not gone but I'm going in now. See. You have to plummet toward the drain like a fruit pit to see what your god wants from you. Mark Rothko painted one self-portrait titled self- portrait.

Sunday Service: Lucy Tiven | HTMLGIANT

bio: Lucy Tiven is an MFA student at San Francisco State University and a contributing writer for The Fanzine. She is currently working on a chapbook about Mark Rothko for Plain Wrap and trying to get hired as a sales associate at Pet Food Express.

Cul-de-Sac by Lucy Tiven

I remember in the college library when my friend dropped many bananas on the table and said I LOVE HAVING ENOUGH OF SOMETHING!! but, enough portmanteaus & those greyly lit fragments of events & sex I don't care about sex except doing it which is almost always fun & never too sad or moral to take back Lucy Tiven lives in Los Angeles.

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