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Lucy Saunders

Freelance Writer

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Verbal Remedy
When allies support you in private, but not in public " Verbal Remedy

Politics are pervasive these days, with social media being so integral to our lives and our increasingly interconnected world. "Tuning out" from politics is being recommended more and more these days. Taking a break from social media, perhaps for your own mental health, is fair enough.

Verbal Remedy
To my male friends - who call themselves 'allies' " Verbal Remedy

To my male friends and supposed feminist allies, I need you to be very aware of something: Feminism is not supposed to be comfortable. Feminism is activism. It's about change. If it's uncomfortable, it means it's working. It's making you challenge something, and there's no change without conflict.

Alzheimer's Research UK Blog
My nan and dementia - Alzheimer's Research UK Blog

I've sat down to write about my grandmother several times over the last few months, and each time I'm unsure what to say. How did my nan fit into my story? Or did I just come into the end of hers? My nan is gone now, but I like to think her story isn't over.

Trigger | A global trade publishing house wholly dedicated to mental health welfare for the...

Living with a mental health condition is difficult. Building a trusting, healthy relationship is difficult. Managing two at once? Near-impossible. At least, that's what I once believed. The truth is that your mental health will impact your relationship, and vice-versa. When single, there's a tendency to doubt yourself, which is only amplified by anxiety and depression.

Resources To Recover
Small Steps: My Story of Depression Recovery

I wake up with the feeling that my head is full of cotton wool. At least, that's how I describe it. It's hard to put the feeling into words. Thoughts seem sluggish and disoriented. "You need to get out of bed," a quiet voice whispers. I glance at the clock.

Depression, anxiety & meaning of life | Mental Health Talk

Written by Lucy Societal attitudes to mental health are slowly changing for the better, but every now and then I have an encounter that reminds me just how far we, as a society, have left to go. I recently had an appointment with my local GP to get a prescription refilled.

All Women's Talk
19 Unhealthy 🙅 Relationship 💑 Behaviors to Stop 🛑 Right Now ⏰ ...

Everything comes back to trust. You should trust your partner, and he should give you no reason to distrust him. Yes, trusting someone is hard. But the more genuine, deserved trust in your relationship, the healthier it will be. Therefore, a lack of trust is one of the worst behaviours that are unhealthy in a relationship.

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