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New York City's Best Neighborhoods for Eating, Ranked

"A city of neighborhoods." That's the slogan, anyway. Across its five boroughs, New York has hundreds of individual communities, each with its own unique characteristics. And while you can find something good to eat in virtually any one of them, not every one is worth the schlep when you probably have something comparable in your own part of town.

What It Was Like Inside the 'Gilmore Girls' Pop-Up in NYC

It's 10:50am and I just ordered a latte at one of two East Village locations of The Bean. I know what you're going to ask -- didn't you stop drinking coffee months ago? (thanks for remembering), don't you have a job to be at right now?

I Got High Naturally in an Infrared Sauna

If you think a luxury spa with the slogan "get high naturally" sounds very LA, well, you're completely right. Lauren and Katie saw that spas with infrared saunas were doing well on the West Coast, and were inspired to open New York's very first.

The Absolute Best Places for Lobster Rolls in NYC

At its three different NYC locations -- plus a truck and Smorgasburg! -- this Red Hook-born restaurant (which is still at its best at its original, beach shack-inspired Brooklyn spot) does several different types of lobster rolls, including standard Maine and Connecticut styles, alongside new takes like a BLT lobster roll with chipotle mayo and Applewood-smoked bacon, or a surf & turf roll with prime rib.

The Definitive Guide to the Best BBQ in New York City

There's never been a better time to enjoy barbecue in New York City than right now. From no-frills spots doing moist brisket and racks of juicy pork ribs on brown butcher paper-lined trays, to newer spots with unique craft beer selections and upgraded side dishes (see: mac and cheese waffles), these are the best barbecue spots in New York City.

New York City's Best Burgers: The Definitive Guide

Bar Sardine, a tiny West Village spot that seems tailor-made for first date drinks, probably wouldn't be your first thought when looking for a great burger, especially with Corner Bistro just a few blocks away.

The Best Pizza in New York City

New York's attachment to pizza hardly requires explanation. Of course, it all started here -- with the now-touristy Lombardi's receiving its business license in 1905, making it the very first pizza shop in the United States.

What New Yorkers Say and What They Really Mean

New Yorkers obviously aren't shy about saying what we want, whenever we want (much to the displeasure of those not from here). We'll blatantly ask you how much you pay for your apartment, and readily offer up intricate details of our sex lives and the black mold growing in our showers, but a lot of the time, what we say and what we really mean are completely different things.

New York City's Best New Restaurants of 2015

These new restaurants each brought something new that was missing from the NYC dining framework. From a strong contender for the best ramen in the city, to Hawaiian food from Per Se vets, these are the best new restaurants that opened in New York City this year.

New York City's Best New Bars of 2015

2015 was a damn good year to be drinking in New York. For one, there were lots and lots of tropical drinks, and I challenge you to find me a man, woman, or child who can say anything bad about a tropical drink. (Except maybe the child, but one day they'll know, too.

Budweiser Is Trying to Block the 'Queen of Beer' from Being a Thing

As for what the "Queen of Beer" is like, co-owner Lupe Rose told the AP the beers are higher in alcohol than most female-targeted drinks, and that the IPA is smoother than most -- which is something women tend to prefer. The company offers a Dirty Blonde Cali Citrus Amber and a Brunette German Dopple Bock.

Turns Out, Almond Milk Has No Almonds in It

Though Blue Diamond doesn't list the almond percentage in the US, a UK Almond Breeze website reportedly also says it's just 2%. The plaintiffs argue that the product's packaging is deceiving, as it says it's "made from real almonds," and it includes pictures of them.

Alabama Sorority Recruitment Video Is Both the Best and Worst Thing Ever

The video opens with the "sisters," the majority of which are white and blonde and also probably aliens, bouncing around and waving. What follows is four minutes and 13 seconds of the girls laying in a field, dressed in all white, holding hands and smiling; running around in bikinis with pool floats, blowing kisses; blowing glitter everywhere (messy!); gazing at themselves in the mirror; eating popsicles; and bouncing around and waving some more.

Of Montreal Fret on 'She Ain't Speakin' Now' - Song Premiere

"She Ain't Speakin' Now," a track off Of Montreal's upcoming album Lousy With Sylvianbriar, is a new study in contrasts for the Georgia-based indie group. It opens with quiet, late 1960s-style vocals backed by acoustic guitar and a melody that calls back to the Carpenter's "Top of the World."

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