Louise Heath

Multimedia Journalist

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After obtaining a Merit in a Magazine Journalism Masters from Cardiff University, I am currently working as Multimedia Journalist for Roadway, the Road Haulage Association's award-winning publication for road haulage and logistics operators.

Living the Dream

I spoke to a female truck driver to learn about her experiences in the industry.

Steroids: Supersized struggle?

Instagram is always full of pictures of men with superhuman muscles, and it seems that you only have to walk into a gym to see a group of roiders gathered around the free weights. According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales, just under 60,000 people used a muscle growth hormone in Britain in 2015.

The silent killer: Male suicide

There is a silent killer that is sweeping through the nation, claiming the lives of British men. It isn't coronary heart disease. It isn't cancer or respiratory disease.It's suicide.Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have revealed the rate of suicides among British men is the highest

Buzz Magazine

What are Splott's young people doing to fight against poverty? Two men in their early twenties sit in the café eating lunch. In between mouthfuls they talk animatedly, smiling and joking with one another. Whilst their behaviour may resemble that of many young people across Wales, it is hard to believe that their lives are not as carefree as their behaviour would suggest.

Debut Magazine
Is The Term Basic Bitch Damaging To Women?

The dog filter on Snapchat. Pumpkin spiced lattes. Instagramming pictures of your hot dog legs by the pool. In the past few years, all of these things have become associated with the basic bitch. According to Urban Dictionary, a basic bitch is: "Someone who is unflinchingly upholding of the status quo and stereotypes of their...

Geordie Shore lesbian hook-up: Harmless fun or offensive publicity stunt?

Stars Charlotte and Chloe were filmed getting intimate, but was it just a cynical ploy to pull in the viewers? I must admit that I'm not really one to watch MTV's Geordie Shore, a reality show which follows a group of twenty somethings from Newcastle who seem to spend all their time getting mortal and necking each other.

My Fitsique
Interview with Fitness Fan's Hayley Madigan

This week I speak to health and fitness expert Hayley Madigan, director of popular blog Fitness Fan. After graduating from the University of Chichester in 2011 with a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science, Hayley started work as a personal trainer at Fitness First in Portsmouth.

My Fitsique
Some like it hot

The sweat trickles down my body as I take up the downward dog position. Trying to focus on my breathing to distract myself from the intense heat of the room, I wonder why I decided to put myself through this. I have always been a fan of yoga, often resorting to it in times of...

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Are ONEE Smart Bracelets Saviours Or A Sign Of Something More Sinister?

From Fitbits which can track every step we take to using Apple Watches to quickly scan your boarding pass when you're abroad with the girls - we've definitely become accustomed to using wearable technology in our daily lives. These gadgets are generally seen as a positive addition to our hectic schedules.

My Fitsique
Back to basics boot camp

"Knees up! Higher! Move those arms faster! Don't stop!" Those are the words ringing in my ears as I'm half way through my boot camp session. I can hear my heart pounding in my ears, I'm sweating from pores I didn't know existed and I just want to sit down.

Buzz Magazine

SIÔN RUSSELL JONES | LIVE PREVIEW Local singer-songwriter Siôn Russell Jones is returning to Cardiff for a homecoming show. The Llandaff born singer will be performing at the Chapter Arts Centre on 31 October. The University of Glamorgan graduate recorded his first album And Suddenly in October 2010 while studying for his music degree.

10 lesbian films where no one dies

To take our minds off #DeadLesbianSyndrome, we take a look at the film world where the leading ladies actually survive. At the moment it seems like hardly a day goes by without a queer female character being killed off or having a happy ending snatched away.

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