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Louella Berryman

Journalist & Audience Development Exec

Location icon United Kingdom

Journalist & Audience Dev for Grazia, Empire, heat & Closer

Bylines: The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Grazia, heat, Closer & Mother & Baby
Contact: [email protected]

#InPoverty: Children without books could be hit hardest by gap in council budget

Browsing the shelves, selecting a new book covered in sticky plastic covering, and settling down onto the scratchy carpet to get stuck into a new world. That might not be everyone's memory of going to the library, but for some people it's a sanctuary that offers more than just a world of imagination.

The best vegetarian cookbooks you need on your shelf for 2020

CREDIT: Amazon The fresh, modern recipes from cook and food writer Anna Jones are hard to resist. Her recipes are led by the joy of eating, from the waft of garlic from a frying pan to the crisp sound of diving into a puff pastry pie. Are you hungry yet?

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine
Take Me There: Disko Bay

Beyond the scattering of colourful houses and fishing boats that make up the remote fishing port of Ilulissat, on Greenland’s west coast, lies an apparent alien metropolis: the Ilulissat Icefjord. Dotted with icebergs that range in size from bungalow to apartment block, it fills a 40km swathe of Disko Bay. In winter, it’s as inhospitable as Pluto. The icefjord ends at Jakobshavn, the ominous glacier said to have spawned

canvas & glass
Cleaning up Kerala

Travelling her way through South Asia, Elena’s post-university gap year could have easily been spent getting drunk in Thailand. Instead, she’s in India helping Keralan locals set up a tourist scheme to clean their rivers.

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine
5 reasons to visit Miami

The Art Deco revival The historic-hotel scene hots up in Miami Beach with two new beautiful ’30s pads opening their doors. The Lennox comes with nature-infused, pine-and-leaf-green rooms, plus a private pool terrace (lennoxhotels.com;

The Rise of Rum

It’s been a gin-filled year for the spirits industry. Over 51 million bottles were sold in the UK in 2017, but it’s time for gin to move over. Rum is making waves in Wales and beyond. Whiskey needs to watch out too - Glasgow opened its first rum distillery in early November.

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