Lorraine Brake

Copy & Creative

Location icon Australia

Proficient in researching, writing, editing and illustrating.

Uber, Destination NSW, Seafolly, Webjet and more.


Marketing, Advertising & PR

Michael Hanson TV
Storytelling | AV Script

The brief: create a short audio-visual script titled 'Storytelling' for film agency Michael Hanson TV.

Sydney's best hunger-busting pizza toppings

There’s a time for simple sophistication and a time for quadruple-meat pizzas. Check out these hefty pizza toppings the next time serious hunger strikes.

Complete Bathroom Renovations QLD
Our Services

With a wealth of industry knowledge and over 35 years of experience, Complete Bathroom Renovations QLD can design a bathroom to suit any size and budget.

Travel Writing

NSW Tales
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in NSW

Discover why these sites have been recognised for their "outstanding cultural or natural importance to humankind".

Webjet Australia
Amazing Abandoned Places Around the World

There's something magnetic about abandoned places. The remnants of the lives they once contained can be both intriguing and haunting...


Gold Coast Bridge Club
Logo Design

The brief: design a logo which combines themes of bridge/card play with visual elements that represent the city of the Gold Coast.

Dapper Dan's Hair Tonic
Print Advertisement

Print advertisement for a fictional product (inspired by the film 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?')

Freehand Drawing

Example of a hand-drawn sketch which was scanned, coloured and edited as a raster graphic. (early work)