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The Log Home Builders Association makes its home in Las Vegas Nevada, and offers a solution to owning your own home. Not only will we train you in building a log cabin, but we will do so by using a tried and true method perfected by our late founder, Skip Ellsworth.

While Skip is no longer with us, the association is manned by sixth generation log home builder and Skip’s son, who upholds the method his father developed. Using butt and pass methodology, your home will be stronger and more eco-friendly than the normal log cabin kits. Take a look at this site ( for more information on using the standard log cabin kits, and how the Log Home Builders Association can make your home building exciting and easy!

Our two day classes are now held in Las Vegas Nevada. The reason for this is due to how inexpensive it is for individuals to find a direct flight to Las Vegas, and we rarely have to worry about inclement weather.

Log Home Builders Association
You Should Avoid Log Cabin Kits - Find Out Why | Build Log Homes

Last updated: March 24th 2017 When most people think about a log home, what they are really thinking about are log cabin kits. What they don't know is that kits are relatively expensive and low-quality, and you can save a huge amount of money doing it a better way from scratch instead of using a kit.

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