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I took this class with the hopes to improve my writing skills and to try something new. This class has helped me learn about many different tools, on the computer, I can use in multiple instances in the future. I really enjoyed when we watched the video over photo journalists because it made me realize the true impact a picture can have on an audience. The only thing I disliked about this class was that I felt it was a little difficult to complete everything on time.



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News Story

• News STORY & Design I liked this assignment however I wish I chose someone other than my sister to interview. It also made me realize the importance of good interview questions • News Story & DESIGN I appreciate how you provide a design to download because it makes it a lot easier.

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Hacker Story

• Hacker Story The Hacker story was a good assignment because it helped me realize what a news story should look like. • Leads This assignment helped me realize what leads should look like. It also helped me realize the importance a good lead has on a story • Using Quotes This assignment was helpful for many reasons. I liked how it taught me how to include quotes. • Headlines This was a very useful assignment because without it I wouldn't even know what a headline is.

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Copy of 1 in 1600

I loved this assignment because I chose my mom and I got to learn a lot more about her dad because I was never able to meet him Once again I liked how you provided a design that was easy to download. When uploading my images I remember struggling a little

Journalism Basics

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Ap Style Quiz… Although the AP style quizzes were a pain, I found it fascinating that there are so many rules when it comes to writing in journalism. I also liked how we were able to retake them. Newsworthiness: This assignment I kind of enjoyed because It helped me learn about what made something newsworthy. THis helped me when trying to figure out a topic to write about.

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First Amendment Follow Up

Law and Ethics: Law and Ethics was a really lengthy assignment that I did not enjoy. It did help me learn about the topic though. Shattered Glass: I enjoyed this assignment because I found the movie to be not only entertaining but informing as well. First Amendment Follow Up:This assignment was good because it helped me realize the importance of the first amendment. It also wasn’t difficult to answer just a few questions. First Amendment Quiz: This assignment was good because it helped...



• Infographic This assignment helped me explore the tools available in indesign. I also taught it was fun to be creative.

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pathfinder practice

• Pathfinder Although this assignment was pretty lengthy it helped me explore all that indesign has to offer • Dissecting Design & Typography This assignment was really helpful because it helped me learn how to properly design a story. • Typography This assignment taught me what typography even was. I enjoyed how you made the assignment simple

pancake perfection
pancake perfection

• Pancake Perfections This was a good and simple assignment that taught me how to use indesign. It was very useful


1 in 1600 slideshow

I liked this assignment because even though I am not very familiar with imovie it was simple to figure out and really broughtmy whole story together and gave it more meaning