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In Reality, Every Night Is 'Purge' Night

"The Purge" franchise is the most politically relevant work of modern pop culture. The four films-"The Purge," "The Purge: Anarchy," "The Purge: Election Year" and the recently released "The First Purge"-feature protagonists who are poor, homeless, black and brown, immigrants, criminals and otherwise marginalized people fighting to survive eliminationist violence by white, wealthy, upper-class, educated killers and the fascist government that supports them.

Tokyo Weekender
Japan's Lost Prefecture | Opinions

"Imagine what it would be like if all 800 thousand residents of Yamanashi vanished." By Leslie Lee III Yamanashi is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in Japan. The prefecture is home to the Takeda Shingen Samurai Festival, dozens of wineries, and Mt. Fuji.

Behind #BernieMadeMeWhite

The creator of the popular hashtag on how the media misrepresents Bernie's base. Our next issue, " Between the Risings," will be out in April. To celebrate its release international subscriptions are $25 off. If you've read anything about Bernie Sanders and black or minority voters, you've read about how he doesn't, can't, or won't win them over.

The Real Democratic Convention

I've spent the past two days at the real convention, talking to the people outside the fences. I've learned a lot about them, their lives, and why they joined the Sanders movement. Here are a few of the people of the people I've met. Tywan Thorn is student at mansfield university and Philadelphia native.

Time Out Tokyo
15 minutes with... Miyavi

Miyavi was already an international rock star when Angelina Jolie flew to Tokyo to convince him to be in her next movie. The 33 year-old Osaka native, who is known both for his solo albums and as a member of supergroup S.K.I.N., hesitated before accepting her offer: 'It was a risk.

The Japan Times
Don't mistake the politics of The White Noise Supremacists | The Japan Times

If the name The White Noise Supremacists caused you to do a double take, you wouldn't be the first. "I picked the name because I knew that if somebody saw it on a show calendar, they'd Google it to see what the heck is going on," says Ifeoluwa Babalola from her Brooklyn apartment.

Tokyo Weekender
Step in the Ring with the Women of Japanese Professional Wrestling | Sports

Getting up close and personal with the gorgeous ladies of joshi puroresu. Text and images by Leslie Lee III If you want to understand a few countries, watch their pro wrestling. In America you'll see super-heroic musclemen-inexplicably portrayed as underdogs-defend the US against foreign behemoths.

Pro Wrestling Is Art
The Act Yasukawa Story

This was the story Sonny scribbled on a notepad for me to read prior to meeting up with Act Yasukawa. He and Yoshiko gleaned it from an article about Act’s life in Weekly Pro Wrestling magazine. I was floored; although I was already a fan of Yasukawa’s as a character and wrestler, I had little idea about how gripping her personal story was. I wanted to find out how that sad, troubled girl became the brash, cocky Stardom Joshi pro wrestler.

Japan's No Good, Very Bad Black History Month

February was a disappointing Black History month in Japan. While students around the world learned about the horrors of Jim Crow and Apartheid, some notable figures in Japan took inspiration from some of history's worst bouts of anti-blackness. Ayako Sono is an author and former government advisor on education to the right wing Shinzo Abe government.

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