Lauren Keating

Freelance journalist

Location icon USA

Lauren Keating has an equal passion of both reporting and writing.

She recently worked as a trends reporter for Tech Times, writing about apps, startups, social media and all things tending.

Lauren previously specialized in health, nutrition, and fitness reporting, working alongside health professionals for projects for print, online, and radio broadcasts. This includes her own blog, and freelancing for Fit Nation Magazine.

Lauren graduated with a B.A. in journalism and a concentration in health from Brooklyn College.

As a journalist, she aspires to make an impact on the world and tell stories along the way.

Tech Times
Lumyer Is The Augmented Reality App That Will Animate Your Selfies

Forget about a normal selfie. 2017 might just be the year of the lumy. For those unfamiliar with the term, a "lumy" is a photo or video that features an effect from the increasingly popular app Lumyer. Lumyer is an augmented reality app that allows users to add fun effects to their photos or videos to bring them to life.

Tech Times
The Best Productivity Apps Available For The Apple Watch

There are plenty of apps available that can help users manage their time and daily tasks in order to give them a helping hand when it comes to being organized and productive. But constantly looking at their phones or having to launch apps is often a huge hurdle.

Tech Times
How To Use Messenger Day, Facebook's Copycat Feature Like Snapchat Stories

Another day, another Snapchat Stories copycat arriving on another messaging app. Facebook launched a new feature for its stand alone messaging app on Thursday called Messenger Day, which allows users to capture photos and videos, add stickers and effects, and share their "day" with their friends.

Tech Times
Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories: Is There Really A Difference?

Instagram just announced a new feature to its platform that now makes the photo sharing app a Snapchat copycat. The Facebook-owned company revealed on Tuesday the ability to now allow users to capture their own disappearing messages so that they can let their followers follow them throughout any given day.

Tech Times
The Best Baby Apps Every Parent Needs For Their Newborn

Being a new parent is the most rewarding role a person can take on in their lifetime. But with every new job there is always a learning curve. There is no instruction manual on how exactly to be a parent, with every person taking on a different style with different techniques while figuring out what works best for them.

Tech Times
FandangoNOW Review: Here's Why It Will Be Your New Favorite Streaming Service

It might've been easy to cut the chord when it came to the cable, but there's just no way most of us can live without our streaming service of choice. But while users might think they have all the need when it comes to their relationships with movies and TV shows on these platforms, before the month is over we are struggling to find something to watch.

Tech Times
Netflix Renews 'The OA' For Season 2: Here's Why You Need To Binge-Watch The Show Now

Those who streamed Netflix's latest stand out original series The OA already figured another season must be in store. And now the streaming giant officially confirmed it is happening. Netflix announced on Wednesday that The OA is renewed for a second season. The news comes just a few weeks after season 1 premiered back in December.

Fit Nation Magazine
Three Must-Try Fusion Fitness Classes in SWFL | Fit Nation Magazine

Changing up your go-to fitness routine allows you to see faster and better results. But, we get it, it's hard to let your favorite classes go. Which is why fusion classes-which combine moves from several different fitness disciplines-may just be the perfect solution.

Tech Times
Interview: Roblox Gaming Platform Brings Imaginative Play To Xbox One

Xbox One players are about to experience games on their consoles like never before. Get ready to tap into a virtual universe where the user's imagination becomes a reality. Roblox announced on Wednesday, Jan. 27, that it is making its first jump to consoles by allowing users to download its gaming platform for Xbox One via Microsoft's Xbox Live for free.

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