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Interview: Rowan Joffe & Steven J. Watson

Steven J Watson emerged into the literary consciousness in 2011 upon the release of his debut novel, BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP. The novel had an excellent reception, winning the Galaxy National and UK Thriller & Crime Novel of the Year, and has now been translated into over forty languages.

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Re-branding Feminism

Up until the last few years, the idea of feminism was something I completely ignored and, quite frankly, dismissed. It wasn't until I took a module based around race and gender in 20th century America that I actually properly considered what it meant, which funnily enough involved actually reading something on the topic, rather than...

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Five Things I've Learnt From Made in Chelsea

E4's Made in Chelsea may have been given a lot of stick over the years, but in light of its recent BAFTA win for 'Best Reality and Constructed Factual Programme', I think it's about time we all took it a bit more seriously.

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All Twerk and No Play Makes Miley a Dull Girl

Every so often there is something in the media world that will capture the attention of the internet and spew so much social commentary it's as though the vomit scene from 'Bridesmaids' has been embodied into internet opinion.

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Festivals - What Not to Do

In a recent discussion about festivals, some friends and I were reminiscing over some of our darker memories. Whether it be rain, vomit, or falling asleep to the soulful lullaby of someone urinating on your tent, a girl in the discussion who had never been to a festival couldn't quite believe that people will shell out hundreds of pounds for the privilege of this experience.

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Four Facebook Statuses That Can F*** Off

Posting a Facebook status has become this weird modern day phenomenon with no real earlier equivalent. Previously, the ability to declare statements to the world was a far more selective process, and for good reason too. I can't imagine there was many a town crier shouting to the masses what he had for breakfast or that he can't be bothered to write his essay.

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Margaret Thatcher: The Reaction

Being online at the same time that it was announced Margaret Thatcher had died was a bit like entering a surprise party: lots of people desperate to jump up and down, shout, and generally make a lot of noise (without really saying, well, anything), whilst you just stand there not really sure whether to laugh or cry.


Altitude Sickness

According to Web MD, it occurs most frequently when people who are not accustomed to high altitudes move from a low altitude to over 8,000ft. The higher up you go, the thinner the air becomes, and when you ascend too quickly, your body cannot receive as much oxygen as it needs.


Our Country's Good - West Yorkshire Playhouse

A play which can successfully bring a light-hearted and humorous tone to an otherwise serious subject is not one to be missed, and this is exactly what Our Country's Good does. Written by Timberlake Wertenbaker and directed by Max Stafford-Clark, Our Country's Good depicts a story of late 18th century Australia, in which a cast...

Live Review // Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware The Cockpit Friday 10th November An emerging talent over the last two years, Jessie Ware released her debut album Devotion in August 2012. Supported by DJ artist Two Inch Punch, Jessie took to the stage at 9pm where she began the set with her most recent release 'Night Light'.

On the Road - Film Review

The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones that never yawn or say a commonplace thing...

Monsters University

Monstropolis residents Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) and James P. Sullivan, nicknamed Sulley, (John Goodman) return to our screens in the 2013 venture MONSTERS UNIVERSITY. Released twelve years after the 2001 MONSTERS INC, the plot acts as a prequel to the original, and it maintains much of that classic Pixar charm.

Wind in the Willows - West Yorkshire Playhouse

As a child, I fell in love with Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in The Willows. My love of drama, adventure, and - most importantly - animals, made it one of my favourite stories throughout childhood and to this day. Therefore, before visiting the West Yorkshire Playhouse to see director Ian Brown's production of the Alan...

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