Justin Barisich

Founder of Little Writing Man // Copywriter and Storyteller

Good Stories, Well Told.

I’ve always had a way with words.
Writing them, analyzing them, editing them, speaking them, performing them – and even sleeping with them for a stint in college.
And from our long courtship, I’ve always found that the words enjoyed my company just as much as I enjoyed theirs.
So after years of going back and forth, I decided to go into business with my words – and a practiced hand – to help others create good stories, well told.

So use me for my wordsmithing skills. Hire me as your word mercenary.
I’m here to help you find the story you always knew was there, and then set it on its feet to walk out and win over the world.
And I promise you, it’ll go far.

After all, I am a man of my words.
— Justin Barisich / Little Writing Man
[email protected]
(404) 590-3928

United States of America


The Slant

Interview with Adam Mansbach, author of GO THE F*CK TO SLEEP

"Satire is useful to me because I can use humor to bring people to the table, get them laughing, and disarm them so that I can make my points more strongly."

The Slant

Interview with Comedy Central Comedian Aaron Karo, author of RUMINATIONS ON COLLEGE LIFE

"The Slant: So, drunken thoughts became your ticket to fame? Aaron Karo: Yes, that would be a good thing to tell the fans."

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