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Lisa Weinstein

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States of America

Lisa Weinstein is an award-winning, California-based writer specializing in education. Her work has appeared in many online publications, such as Seattle pi Education, Globalpost Education and

Why Be a Substitute Teacher?

It's now common for subs to be notified of open jobs, which they can accept, reject, or cancel via smartphone app or computer. Substitute teaching is in high demand and jobs are plentiful. Subs who work in multiple districts have access to enough jobs to choose from a wide variety of subjects and grade levels.

What Gives Schools the Right to Test Students for Drugs? | Synonym

Many U.S. middle and high schools are implementing student drug testing programs. Although less than five percent of U.S. schools currently have random drug testing programs, the federal government is encouraging schools to start them and offering grants to fund them.

What Branches of Service Accept a GED? | Synonym

Life sometimes gets in the way of completing a high school diploma. Rather than taking the time to complete a high school diploma, some opt to pass the General Educational Development test and obtain an equivalent diploma. Although a GED diploma is considered equivalent to a high school diploma by most employers and colleges, the U.S.

Burnout & Depression in Medical School

Medical school students face many challenges. Pressure to excel while juggling financial and social burdens overwhelm some students, leading to disillusionment and burnout. A survey of third-year medical students at Mount Sinai School of Medicine indicates burnout begins as early as the third year of medical school. ...

Italian Facts for Children | Synonym

If you're planning a trip to Italy or just teaching about the culture, remember that children learn best when they can relate and have fun. When teaching children facts about Italy, present what they can understand and connect it to things they already know.

What Qualifications Are Needed to Be in a Sorority in College?

Women in college sororities share common interests, goals or traits. New sorority members are usually invited to join after attending a series of recruitment events traditionally called "rush." Although you may be invited to join the sorority you've applied to, you must meet certain qualifications in order to join and ...

What Are All the Parts of a GED Test?

The GED test, or General Equivalency Diploma test, consists of five separate tests. If you don't pass one or more tests, you can retake them at a later time. However, a revision of the GED test is coming out January 2014. According to, "the current version of the GED test is expiring at the end ...

How to Get a Certified Copy of My High School Diploma | Synonym

Getting a certified copy of your high school diploma isn't always easy. The longer it has been since you graduated, the less likely you'll be able to find one. Methods for requesting a copy differ among school districts. Contact the high school that you attended.

How Do Colleges Look at High School Diploma Vs. GED? | Synonym

Today's job market often requires education beyond a high school diploma. A high school diploma is no longer an endpoint, but stepping stone to further education. To get ahead, today's high school graduates often enter college, technical or trade school, or join the military.

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