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I am a tech-savvy, skilled, and adaptable writer who has experience in digital content marketing, SEO, copywriting, customer service, project management, and more.

How to Give Consent for Your Child

This article was written with the intention of informing LawDepot users on how they could benefit from purchasing a child consent form. The primary focus of this piece is to educate the user about LawDepot's child consent form documents (such as child travel consent and child medical consent).

Residential Sublease Agreement FAQ - United States

This piece was written for users who are in the research phase of their user experience journey with LawDepot. The purpose of this writing is to inform users about residential sublease agreements so that through education, they will feel more comfortable when they ultimately decide to purchase the document.

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What is Owner Financing in Real Estate? - LawDepot Blog

Owner financing is a common keyword that comes up when I'm doing real estate-focused research, so I decided to write a blog about it to answer any general questions that people might have about the subject.

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Cryptocurrency and Taxes: A Guide - LawDepot Blog

I wrote this blog post during the 2018 American tax season. Since cryptocurrency is quickly becoming a popular way to pay others for goods and services online, my research showed that people were often wondering how to report their own cryptocurrency on their annual taxes.

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How to Purchase a Cemetery Plot - LawDepot Blog

This blog post was listed as one of the LawDepot Blog's top 20 blog posts of 2019. I wrote this post because while I was writing landing page content for an estate planning-focused document, my research showed that "how to purchase a cemetery plot" was a good long-tail keyword.

What Does it Take to Save the Android Tablet?

I wrote this article for XDA Developers in 2016. The main focus of this article is to discuss Android tablets and how they fit in the marketplace when seemingly better options, such as the Apple iPad, are available.

The Internet and Bill C13

The purpose of this essay, which was a school assignment, was to observe a piece of media, such as advertising, a political speech or message, or even something from popular culture. We needed to analyze this piece of media for the “hidden message” it was trying to convey. My choice was Bill C-13, an online anti-bullying campaign put on by the Canadian Government. I picked apart the bill and was able to point out what I thought could be improved in order to get the message across in the most...

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