Lisa Pike

Marketing/Communications Specialist

Location icon Canada

Communicating is all about building connections.

I can help your organization build the connections you need with the right people at the right time.

Contact: [email protected]



FamilyLife Canada
Written Copy, Strategy and Design

Part of the creative team that initiated and influenced the site's design. Contributed copy throughout that is reflective of the organization's tone, voice and messaging.

Jenn Fenton Jewelry
Written Copy

Wrote biography copy and advised on messaging, tone and overall communication strategy for promotions.

Nelson & Kraft
Written Copy

Contributed web copy based on the client's needs, while adhering to their strategy, and desired aesthetic of website.


Email Campaign

Designed overall communication plan and strategy for event's promotions. This is email #1 of the campaign.

Email Campaign

Designed overall communication plan and strategy for event's promotions. The campaign was launched with a contest. This is email #1.

Email Campaign

Designed overall communication plan and strategy for event's promotions. This is email #3 of the campaign.

Ads - Print And Social Media

Media - Radio and Video

"Weekend Getaway" marriage conference BOGO offer
Radio Ad

Radio Ad: wrote and produced

"A Day Together" marriage workshop promo
Radio Ad

Radio Ad: wrote and produced

FamilyLife "Weekend Getaway" marriage conference
Promotional Video

Promotional Video: wrote copy, led design and production

Articles - Print and Web

Converge Magazine
Print & Web Article

It's 1992. I'm 19, home from university for Christmas holidays, and the crowded restaurant where I'm having dinner with my family is buzzing with activity. We are engaged in a heated discussion and my mother and I are dominating the conversation. Snippets of scalding sentences float back to my memory with raw honesty and slight...

FamilyLife Canada
Web Article

"How's your marriage?" I was asked one day at church. Initially I answered with a laugh, but later became annoyed. Why was I being asked about my marriage? Did it appear there was something wrong? Were they implying we might need some help? Counselling? An intervention? How offensive.

Blog Writing

Blog Post: Godiva Chocolates

With its dark mysterious power to alter moods, enhance a holiday, and illicit sensuality, chocolate is a delectable treat that is always adored. Although the competition out there can be stiff when it comes to chocolate, undeniably, no one knows chocolate better than Godiva Chocolates from Brussels in Belgium.

Blog Post: Luxury Scarves and Gloves

Taking out our gloves and scarves is a ritual event that signifies the beginning of new seasonal wonders. The history of the scarf dates back to roman times and were made from cloth in the form of a linen kerchief used by men. It was the French, enamored with the scarf that popularized them, calling them 'cravats'.

Blog Post: Bed and Breakfasts Across the Globe

Bed and Breakfasts, also known as B&B's have been around since the dawn of man. In earlier days homeowners would open their dwelling to weary travelers, and generously include breakfast in the price of a night's stay. A demonstration of goodwill was one reason to bestow hospitality upon a stranger, but also the incentive of ...

La-Z-Boy Furniture
Blog Post: Designer Interview

Scottish designer David Campbell is the creative force behind La-Z-Boy's newest line, Urban Attitudes. With a candid easy-going demeanor, he shared with us how he came to Canada, his love of design, design aesthetic, the creative process behind Urban Attitudes, practical advice for homeowners, and what he's up to next.

La-Z-Boy Furniture
Blog Post: History of the La-Z-Boy Recliner

It's hard not to think "recliner" when you hear the word La-Z-Boy. Given the history of the La-Z-Boy recliner, you can see how the two seem to be synonymous. In addition to being one of the most recognized and popular chair styles in home decor, it's also been the most copied and re-invented.

La-Z-Boy Furniture
Blog Post: Four Steps to Trendy and Timeless Design

Interior design trends have definitely gotten our attention this month. We shared two big ones for 2014, Industrial Furniture Design, and the newly appreciated Mid-Century Modern made spectacular by the hit TV show Mad Men. Trends can be fun, exciting and interesting, but they can be expensive and hard to keep up with.

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