Lisa Gibson

Freelance writer & copywriter

Location icon Ghana

Freelance writer specialising in features writing (both online and print), digital copywriting for websites and blogs; editing/proof-reading as well as content production for newsletters and social media campaigns.

Contributor for Hamaji Magazine, focusing on travel destinations in West Africa. Experienced website copywriter for the luxury boutique hotel segment.

Other experience includes freelance work for local/regional publications in the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland, where I lived for four years.

Currently based in Accra, Ghana. Available for freelance work on the following topics: travel & leisure, fashion, lifestyle, well-being, womens interest topics, current affairs.

I have a Degree in Communications and a Diploma in Freelance & Feature Writing, with a strong understanding of Social Media, having previously worked in this industry.

Sudan: an undiscovered treasure - HAMAJI MAGAZINE

Dare to venture off the beaten track and you will be richly rewarded. Sudan is not your everyday travel destination, but that's exactly what makes it so fascinating. Sudan is an archaeological treasure trove waiting to be discovered. In ancient times, it was known as Nubia - a powerful kingdom rivalling Egypt, comprising the ...

Zaina lodge Sustainable serenity at Ghana's first Luxury safari lodge. - HAMAJI MAGAZINE

One wouldn't typically associate safaris and luxury game lodges with West Africa, more specifically Ghana. But since opening in 2015, Zaina Lodge has been challenging this notion by offering what has traditionally been the domain of East and Southern Africa. Touted as West Africa's first luxury safari lodge, and winner of the 2017 World Luxury ...


If Ghana is the country of the rising black star, Accra is the city where this star shines brightest! Whether you're in town for business or pleasure, it'll be a relaxed place that attracts a trendy, creative and connected local crowd...

Domaine De Lansa
Home - Domaine De Lansa

Set on one of the largest private estates with living space of 950 sqm, the property comprises of two houses. "The Main Villa" which has six bedrooms and the soon to be opened "Owners Villa" which has four bedrooms. The estate boasts two swimming pools, spa and Hammam, gymnasium and a state of the art cinema.

POD * Boutique Hotel * Camps Bay

Welcome to POD. We offer a unique and exclusive accommodation experience on the shores of Camps Bay in Cape Town, South Africa.

Winter Wonderland - Les Avants

Published on Tuesday, 02 December 2014 00:00 By Lisa Gibson, Winter is upon us and it's that time of the year when we love nothing more than going up into the mountains to enjoy the snow.

The magical Menhirs of Clendy

Published on Tuesday, 28 October 2014 17:09 By Lisa Gibson, Did you know that Switzerland has its very own version of Stonehenge situated in Yverdon-les-Bains? Located on the shores of Lake Neuch√Ętel, in a clearing in the Champ-Pittet nature reserve, is a formation of 45 stones of Neolithic origin, known as the Menhirs de Clendy.

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