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Over the last five years I have worked with various publishers, writers, journals, subject matter experts, as well as local and online publications to publish quality and engaging works. I have a Master of Professional Studies in Publishing from George Washington University, and a Bachelors in English Literature and Critical Theory from University of California, Davis.

Folsom Telegraph
Murer House is forgotten 'jewel' in Folsom

The Murer House, a little bit of Italy in Historic Folsom, is a historical spot with lots of history exuding from its 900-square-foot property that many tourists and locals alike do not know about. Cindy Baker, chair of the Murer House Foundation Board of Directors, called the Murer House "a real jewel that is often overlooked."

Folsom Telegraph
A look at history: Chan House tells tale of early Chinese discrimination

The boarded up Chan House in Historic Folsom may seem like a hole in the wall, but there is actually an important tale behind the House that few Folsomites know about. Jeff Ferreira-Pro, vice president of the Folsom Historical Society, said, "The Chan House has a significant story behind it that many people haven't heard of."

Unholy Sabbath (Savas Beatie)
Brian Jordan Author Interview

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Submerged (Alaskan Courage)

Pettrey has written an outstanding first novel filled with a group of loveable characters that will leave readers craving the next installment. She is adept at building a wide array of characters and personalities that are easy to connect with.

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"It is great to see Ezra Carman's premiere achievement recognized by the Army Historical Foundation; a fine organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of America's military past," said Editor Thomas Clemens. "Carman labored many years to write the most detailed study of the Maryland Campaign ever created.

No. 3 Wine and Dine Dispatch
No. 3 Wine and Dine Dispatch

Winter is here, and so are the new menus at The Firehouse! Launched on January 24, Chef Deneb showcases his skillfully crafted menu items that are sure to warm the palates of all who set foot in The Firehouse this winter.