Lindsey Wiebe

Toronto-based journalist. Associate editor, online for Maclean's.

Twitter: @lindseywiebe
Email: lindsey (dot) wiebe (at) shaw (dot) ca


Social media

Winnipeg Free Press
Twitter winning gold at Games

As part of Winnipeg Free Press Olympic coverage, I built a team of non-journalist locals in London during the Games, compiling their tweets and sharing their images on Facebook and Tumblr. This story recounts their experiences.

Interview with CBC Spark's Nora Young

A replay of a livestreamed interview I organized, promoted and hosted with Nora Young, host of CBC's Spark, regarding her new book, The Virtual Self.

Winnipeg Free Press
Live chat: Google+

Facebook killer, or just another social network? A replay of a live chat I organized, promoted and hosted.


Winnipeg Free Press
Organic assurance

It's farm fresh, pesticide-free, and, you've been assured, all natural. But is it organic?

Winnipeg Free Press
Global cooling

Offsets used to be a hot topic. What happened?

Winnipeg Free Press
Fee-based e-waste plan causing stir

Manitobans could pay more for new flat screens, stereos and other electronics under a proposed fee-based e-waste plan that's raising the eyebrows of environmentalists, who fear consumer backlash.


Globe and Mail
Nice: A city's metamorphosis

It might be the cosmopolitan Côte d'Azur's modern-day capital, but a century and a half ago, Nice was a long-coveted part of Italy, on the brink of uniting with France.

Winnipeg Free Press
More than meets the eye

There's a different -- and cheaper -- Mexico off the beaten path