Lindsay E. Mack

Business & Lifestyle Writer

A dynamic writer with over ten years of experience in professional communication, Lindsay enjoys taking on challenging assignments. With a BA in English and an MBA, she writes authoritatively on a variety of topics, from technical documentation to human interest stories.

She currently produces a dozen lifestyle blog posts every week for, covering health and wellness topics, book recommendations, and compulsively readable takes on popular culture. In addition, she profiles startups and charitable organizations for St. Charles Avenue Magazine. In previous roles, she has covered financial and investing pieces for a variety of clients. She has also worked as a professional resume reviewer and copy editor. Her skills as a researcher, editor, and writer have served her well in all prior jobs.

Lindsay takes pride in producing excellent copy for her clients. She has a thorough understanding of the CMS, MLA, and AP style guides, and she is always happy to work with a client's individual editorial needs. Furthermore, she is very familiar with WordPress and Typeset. Lastly, she is dedicated to mastering the art of SEO to make sure her clients get maximum visibility.


Neighborly Blog

Water, Water Everywhere: The Role of Municipal Bonds in American Water Facilities | Neighborly Blog

Warning: this blog post is guaranteed to make you thirsty. As far as necessities go, water is pretty high on the list. Your body is 60% water, and you need about 2-3 liters of...

Neighborly Blog

YTM? NAV? OMG. Muni Bond Jargon Explained | Neighborly Blog

Can we talk about investment language for a moment? Because sometimes the terms investors use read like hieroglyphics written backward. And they throw out abbreviations more...

Neighborly Blog

#TBT 1812: Why Muni Bonds Have Rocked for Over 200 Years | Neighborly Blog

Investing in your city by buying muni bonds is a great way to support educational services, recycling facilities, and environmental initiatives. While these are fairly modern...

YoungBloods Column



EcoUrban is the premier eco-friendly landscaping company in New Orleans. From rainwater harvesting to edible garden planting, this business utilizes a variety of green...


52 Businesses

After supporting the launch of 52 businesses over the course of one year (Yes, that's one new business every week!), Colin Grussing and Jason Seidman have a wealth of knowledge...


The Junior Committee of the New Orleans Opera Association

The Junior Committee of the New Orleans Opera is an association of young women who support the local arts community. Members include opera aficionados and newcomers alike....


Millennial Spirits of New Orleans

A dynamic group of young adults has created a philanthropic organization, the Millennial Spirits of New Orleans, to ensure their favorite city has a bright future. This...



FitLot is a New Orleans-based nonprofit that repurposes vacant lots into outdoor fitness parks. Vacant lots around the city are not only an eyesore, but also a factor that...


Junior League of New Orleans

cheryl gerber photograph The Junior League of New Orleans (JLNO) is celebrating its 90th birthday in 2015. While the organization has seen many changes over the years, one...


Your Nutrition Delivered

Having worked in health and wellness for 15 years, Erik Frank is attuned to the difficulties that many Americans face when trying to eat well. He decided to make healthy food...


Basket of Hope

Basket of Hope is a national nonprofit organization that provides baskets filled with age-specific toys and activities to entertain hospitalized children. Ann Ollendike started...



PlayBuild encourages kids aged 4 to 12 to learn about design and architecture through innovative play activities. After participating in the PitchNOLA Lots of Progress...


Excite All Stars

During my visit to the Excite All Stars camp in summer 2013, the facility was a blur of activity. Some campers finished up an Olympic games activity while others flocked to a...



Neel Sus would venture to India - his parents' home country - every three years or so. He developed a sore spot from seeing all of the suffering and poverty, and he got into the...


Louisiana Lost Lands Tours

Louisiana Lost Lands Environmental Tours L3C offers a unique take on the traditional swamp tour. Winding through the wetlands, this tour showcases the beauty of the area's...


Dancing Grounds

When Laura Stein moved to New Orleans from New York three years ago, she had difficulty finding a community for adult dance classes. So, Stein took it upon herself to offer...


Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans

Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans (EPNO) is an organization that encourages young professionals to cultivate a lifelong passion for philanthropy. New leaders work on...


Help Free An Angel

When her son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 1 year old, Johana Maison didn't let the reality of coping with a special needs child overwhelm her. Instead, she founded Help...


Animal Rescue New Orleans

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) was formed to help animals that were left behind after Hurricane Katrina. Today the no-kill shelter continues to rescue needy animals with the...