Linda Le Phan

Content Marketer & Writer

United States

I turn big ideas into delightful, digestible content. I have 6+ years of experience as a full-stack marketer / content marketing manager for growing B2B SaaS companies, building and executing GTM content strategies from the ground up.

I also freelance write for companies like Airtable, Workable, Compt, Kona, SumTotal Systems, and more.

Here's a small selection of my work.

Product Launch Template - Free to Use

When it comes to product launches, everyone plays a part. But not everyone needs the same information. That's why we've made a template that lets you...

4 Powerful Types of Employee-Driven Content

Online content is the new currency for trust and attention for businesses in today’s digital world. That’s because websites, online apps, and digital platforms have become the top sources people rely on when they’re deciding what to buy, who to buy from, and yes, even who they want to work for. So what does this mean for your business? Well first, it means that every piece of content your company shares online can impact your success with customers and your potential hires,...

How to Create a Culture of Continuous Learning

Learning and development have always been vital for both employee engagement and employee retention, and their importance only continues to grow: 91% of Generation Z employees view professional development and employee engagement as leading factors when they’re picking a company to work for. It's not hard to see why. As an individual, continuous learning helps you grow more, achieve more, and ideally, earn more.

How to Quickly Onboard a Remote Sales Team | Kona

A well-rounded sales onboarding process is equal parts administration, relationship-building, and enablement. That's because these three areas represent the tools, support, and knowledge that every salesperson needs to feel productive in their new role. Striking the right balance is vital for quickly onboarding a sales team and setting each new hire up for long-term success.

Why Equality in the Workplace Matters & How to Achieve It

Fortunately, there has been a significant shift towards an acceptance of DEI initiatives. DEI as an HR concept has been growing in popularity for years, but today, there are signs that DEI is being taken seriously on a broad scale. Acknowledging the importance of DEI in the workplace isn't enough.

How to decide on the right return-to-work plan for your company

Time to celebrate, right? Well, it depends. Some companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Slack, Ford, Target, and Citigroup have already planned out and gone full steam ahead on their own version of a hybrid work model that includes both remote and in-office work, but that return-to-work plan is not going to work for every company.