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I am a Writing, Literature, and Publishing student enrolled in the Honors Program at Emerson College. Currently, I am an Associate Editor of The Deli Magazine. I am also a music writer for Cliche Magazine. Other experience I have on publications includes being the Campus Section editor of Emerson College's Atlas Magazine, as well as copy-editing for Emerson College's em Magazine and Five Cent Sound Magazine. I am mostly interested in stories relating to news, literature, and music.


Album Reviews

Cliché Magazine
Brockhampton's Album 'Saturation II' is Their Declaration

Their second release of the summer and part two of their trilogy, Saturation II, is L.A. rap group Brockhampton's follow-up to their overnight sensation Saturation . The 16-person self-proclaimed hip-hop boy band (they reject the use of the word 'collective' and all comparisons to Odd Future) has been making waves in the rap scene ever since they packed up their lives and moved to L.A.

Cliché Magazine
Sleep Well Beast is The National's "Goodbye to All That"

It becomes clear from the first few minutes of that this is not just another record by old-timers is The National's "Goodbye to All That" and hello to a new, repurposed energy. Sleep Well Beast The National. Of course, there is no replacing Matt Berninger's signature croon or Aaron Dessner's hypnotic songwriting.

Cliché Magazine
How Jay-Z's Failures Became His Comeback

Within an hour of Jay-Z's dropping on TIDAL, people were already calling the album "Jay's " This was inevitable, as some tracks appear to be his most confessional songs to date. For example, "4:44" - arguably the strongest track on the album and one of the best he's ever written - details in brutally honest lyrics any shortcomings in his relationships with his wife, children, and himself.

Music Journalism

Cliché Magazine
What Spotify Going Public Means for The Music Industry

For a few years now, the rumor mill has been churning out stories about Spotify going public. The Swedish streaming giant has finally put an end to all the talk by filing the necessary paperwork with Securities & Exchange Commission in late December of 2017. The catch?

Cliché Magazine
Dolores O'Riordan, A Legacy That Lingers

On January 15th, news that The Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O'Riordan was found dead in a London hotel room shocked the world. While the cause of death is still unknown‒ and likely will be until April, says a London coroner ‒it is being described as sudden, but unsuspicious.

Cliché Magazine
Music Of The Year

No matter how much hype an album gets in the moment, it’s easy to forget about it once the next one comes out. But here at Cliché, we are firm believers in giving credit where it is due. As 2017 comes to an end, it’s important to remember that in the midst of all the madness, we were truly blessed with some amazing releases in every genre from hip-hop to rock to pop. To make choosing your favorite album of 2017 just a bit easier, we rounded up a list of all the most influential releases from...

Cliché Magazine
2017 in Music

The past year has been a whirlwind of news, both good and bad. We’ve seen career-launching debuts, established artists moving in completely new directions, and artists stepping in and speaking out to make a difference. Unfortunately, we have also suffered the losses of truly influential artists who helped shape the music world that we know today. It’s hard to keep up with so much going on all the time, so Cliché is here to help you out. We’ve compiled a list of all the most important events...

Cliché Magazine
Back to Basics

When SoundCloud was founded in 2007, it was not necessarily the first streaming service of its kind. Before, there was YouTube and Napster, but what made SoundCloud different was its devotion to creativity. In its initial form, not only was streaming completely free, but also entirely user-friendly. Laissez-faire copyright laws made it easy for unsigned artists (specifically DJs) to post original remixes of popular tracks, which allowed listeners to fall for the romantic notion that maybe...

Cliché Magazine
The Musician Effect

In an industry often characterized by excess, luxury, and entertainment, it can be easy to lose sight of the positivity musicians bring into the world. Musicians not only use their art to share a message, but also their voices outside of music to promote unity and philanthropy among their fans. Many go above and beyond to become role models for their fans, so we’ve rounded up a list of performers who have made notable strides toward making a difference.


Cliché Magazine
Bound to the Music

New York native Adrian Galvin has worn a few different hats throughout his musical career: First as a member of Walk the Moon, second as one-half of folk duo Yellerkin, and third as the semi-electronic indie pop solo project known as Yoke Lore. Describing his life as “busy” would be an understatement, especially considering the artist has been playing shows and touring almost nonstop for the past year, all while recording and releasing a new EP, Goodpain. Luckily for you, we caught up with...

The Deli Magazine
A Q&A With Nashville's TWEN, playing The Cobra (10.14)

Since moving to Nashville from Boston, psychedelic slackers TWEN have made the scene entirely their own. Made up of members Jane (vox, guitar), Ian (guitar), Cory (drums), and Jim (bass), the quartet's style of eclectic, avant-garde indie garage rock has carried them through the creation of a live EP, a summer tour, and a local show circuit.

Atlas Magazine: The Pursuit Issue
The Pursuit of a Dream: Shawn Simpson

Most Emerson students dream of traveling, making creative content that reaches large audiences and having the opportunity to work with celebrities. One student is already living this dream and he hasn’t even graduated yet.

Cliché Magazine
Larger Than Life

The Technicolors are an energetic, ‘90s Britpop-inspired three-piece made up of Brennan Smiley and Sean Silverman on vocals and guitar and Mike ‘Nico’ Nicolette on bass. Ahead of the release of their newest album, Metaphysical, they announced a European tour starting in the United Kingdom and ending in Spain. We chatted with Silverman about the concept behind Metaphysical and their upcoming adventures.


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