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Tansy Bradshaw

Reviewer - Blogger - Freelancer

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My name is Tansy Bradshaw. I am a freelancer who also runs my own blog.
Studied Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at Swinburne University.

Sexual Assault and the YouTube Community | Lip Magazine

Usually when we hear about sex scandals, our minds may think of sports players, music stars and private schools; not self-made celebrities on YouTube. Yet as more allegations of abuse come to light, and the amount of content being made demoralising women increases, it is important that we have an open conversation.


Have you wondered where the template for modern western comedy comes from? Well, it all started in Ancient Greece at a large comedy festival that was put on to honour the god Dionysus. As a part of the festival, a competition was held between playwrights of the day.

Those Certain Females: The First Woman Journalist, Nellie Bly | Lip Magazine

those certain females: the first woman journalist, nellie bly From the beginning, Nellie Bly was a woman not to be messed with. When she read an article in The Pittsburgh Dispatch entitled 'What Girls Are Good For' - which was, according to the article, making babies and doing the household chores - she was angry enough to write a response to the paper under the pseudonym Lonely Orphan Girl.

YAWP - Rik Mayall, a memorial

Today, the Australian comedy community is in mourning, we heard early this morning that British comedian, Rik Mayall had passed away at age 56. Rik being one of my childhood heroes, I am saddened by his passing and choose to reflect on his life and the legacy that he has left behind in the comedy world.

Writing: A History

I am a writer; however, I am also a library technician - thus my love for Mesopotamia is passionate and filled with undying thanks. If it wasn't for this great Ancient World or the Library of Alexandria I fear I would be lost for words, pun intended.

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