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Pissing In The Shower
TGIF: Don't Be a Bar Douchebag

Contrary to popular belief, being a bartender has its downfalls. Okay, honestly, 90% of the time all I can see are pros; getting paid to make drinks for your friends, drink discounts, knowing virtually everyone downtown... but I digress. Some nights are so full of the worst and most annoying drunk people, even the most...

Pipe Dream
Four types who make midterms time that much more unbearable

With Parade Day and the dignity we lost on State Street somewhere behind us, the most dreaded part of the semester stands in front of us: Midterm Season. Yes, break out the Adderall and the Tillman Lobby knock-off venti mocha lattes and pack your library bags for the next couple of all-nighters.

Pissing In The Shower
Fit people, resumes, and condoms

Waking up in one of the most depressing cities in America, and factually the second most obese (I swear it's true-google it), Binghamton, NY; every day presents a new challenge of finding a reason to smile. The streets are constantly covered in a murky, brown, snow and the vegetation looks curiously similar to what you...

Pissing In The Shower
The Vegetarian Curse

I've been a vegetarian for the past two years and I hate it. I'll spare you of all the super trendy and eco-friendly reasons I went vegetarian in the first place, because sitting here watching the most delicious episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, none of them seem to matter anymore.

Pissing In The Shower
It's a Girl!

First of all, I have to be honest, my real name is in fact not Libby. My first name is Elizabeth. Obviously, only my mother calls me that. Whenever I hear it I go into panic mode, start fixing my shirt, and tucking in my underwear.