Lexi Dwyer

Writer + Editor

I'm an experienced lifestyle writer for major consumer publications who's known for submitting elegantly written, well-reported stories.

I've worked as both a freelance editor and writer for Google Destinations, the company's powerful, top-level travel-planning tool. I've also been a contributing editor for Great Ideas, People.com's food section, where I wrote and edited stories about breaking news, trends, cooking, celebrities and chefs. I've spent the last 15 years writing and editing all types of print and online content, mostly in-house at Conde Nast: I began my career as an editor at Epicurious and later worked as both a travel editor and contributing editor at BRIDES magazine. Other publications I've written for include Today.com, The Bump, The Nest, What to Expect, BonAppetit.com, Gourmet Live, Travel + Leisure and New York magazine.

I've also worked as a creative consultant doing writing, editing, research and brainstorming for organizations like New York University, Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), Manifest (formerly McMurry) and AMS Pictures, an Austin-based media company. The biggest compliment I get from almost all of my clients is that I make their lives easier.

Brooklyn, NY




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