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Multimedia lifestyle journalist with immersive experience in traditional and digital platforms: more than 10 years in TV, 8 years in radio, plus 7 years in print, social media and digital. Level 2 Sommelier. Fully proficient in English and Chinese.



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Living like a Medici: Florence, Italy

Long before E.M. Forster’s A Room With a View and Frances Maye’s Under the Tuscan Sun made this part of Italy all the vogue, the Medici family was making Florence and the surrounding area the playground for gilded aristocrats.

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Secret Bay, Dominica

This hotel has no lobby, no restaurant and no spa, but it may be the most indulgent luxury hotel you can find in the Caribbean.

EliteGen Sing Tao Magazine
Cheval Blanc in St. Barts - an LVMH Resort

Anyone can own a Louis Vuitton bag, but that can hardly match the truly authentic and immersive LVMH experience at Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France, a hidden gem of luxury set in the French West Indies.

Toronto Star
The Pleasures of Porto

Portugal's second largest city is famous for its wine, but it will also delight food-lovers. From Michelin-starred affairs to homemade delicacies, Porto delights the taste buds without breaking the bank. Visitors can graze along our suggested foodie walking tour, savouring local fare while taking in the sights. http://www.thestar.com/life/travel/2015/06/09/the-pleasures-of-porto.html

Toronto Star
Plane-spotting in Paradise

Some serious aerial gymnastics are required to reach Saba, St. Barts and St. Maarten, making them a top choice for aviation lovers.

Mexico, Querétaro: Touring the Wine and Cheese Route | Toronto Star

When it comes to food and drink in Mexico, most people think of cerveza and tacos, but, just two hours north of Mexico City, in the semi-desert state of Querétaro, lies a wine-and-cheese route where you can see grapes growing alongside three-metre cactuses, and also taste farm-fresh cheese.

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30 Hours in Copenhagen

Stopping over in Copenhagen? Here's how I managed to enjoy four memorable meals and rode a century-old roller coaster, all within my 30-hour stopover. Experiences reviewed include beer tasting and lunch at Carlsberg, dinner at Relae and Amass restaurants, both manned by former head chefs from world-famous NOMA, the Tivoli Gardens, the Lego Store, and the Royal Smushi Cafe.

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La Villa Bonita

Review of La Villa Bonita Culinary Vacation in Tepoztlan, Mexico, where you can shop at the local market and cook authentic Mexican dishes with renowned TV chef Ana Garcia.

EliteGen Sing Tao Magazine
Crude Oil Spa in Azerbaijan

Move over, Cleopatra. Milk baths are so... ancient Egypt. Take a hint from the elites in Baku, Azerbaijan, and go for a crude oil bath instead.

Food and Drink

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Famille Hugel: Chopsticks' Favourite Wine

How do you pair French wines with Asian food? EliteGen editor Leslie Yip seeks answers from Etienne Hugel, a 12th-generation member of the venerable Famille Hugel winery in Alsace.