Lesley Haw

Journalist/Radio Producer

After ten years working at BBC Radio Scotland as a Journalist, Researcher and Assistant Producer, I'm now working and living in Berlin.




What is the Internet of Things and What's New?

For man and beast!

Lesley Haw

Role Models #1

Lesley Haw

Role Models #2


Making a Real Impact on Social Entrepreneurship in Berlin

At first glance, entrepreneurship is all about money - you found a startup, you grow it, you sell it, you get rich. But building a business is also about creating something, and...

For Market Logic Software

Market Logic Knowledge Component

An E-book about Market Logic Software's 'knowledge' component - one of the key elements of its marketing software system.


'The Cinema Will Never Die': Flimmer Founder Christopher Zwickler Q&A

By Lesley Haw Many of us arrive at the cinema just in time for the film starting, climbing and stumbling over other people to avoid what feels like endless ads and trailers....


Insulin Angel Wins Betapitch Prize By Lesley ...

Insulin Angel Wins Betapitch Prize By Lesley Haw It's fair to say that some geeks are not always the most succinct of communicators. But when you enter Betapitch - a competition...


Ghosts by Lesley H - BBC Radio Scotland - Joyful, macabre and eccentric!

An interview with Lady Claire Russell who has lived in Ballindalloch Castle her entire life. She talks about the ghosts she has grown to love occupying the corridors of her...


Valentine Radio Pack - BBC Radio Scotland - Awarded for its fun-fuelled creativity!

I produced this Valentine themed radio package for BBC Radio Scotland's 'The Radio Cafe' as part of a topical and fun theme to find out if love was alive or dead in Aberdeen.

BBC Radio Scotland - The Radio Cafe

Alternative Eco Burial - Click at 21:43 in to listen


Art Theft Feature - Stealing in the name of.... A good soundtrack too by the way....

I interviewed a Dundee based artist about the items he steals in order to make art as part of a project 'Lifting' - broadcast on The Radio Café on BBC Radio Scotland.

BBC Radio Scotland - The Book Cafe

Mobile Lifeline Libraries - it's funny, couthy and poignant, I promise!

BBC Radio Scotland - The Culture Cafe

By-Catch a truly international piece-art meets politics and chip suppers..

BBC Radio Scotland - The Culture Cafe/BBC Aberdeen News

Red Art Bus - An Interesting Chap!

BBC Radio Scotland - The Culture Cafe

Camouflage as Couture- Disguise from High-End to Ground Level