Leroy-Winston Scott

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I am currently traveling through Asia to broaden my global knowledge and cultural understanding. My portfolio includes; web content, blogs, articles, targeted marketing, product reviews and personal profiles.

We know how vital it is to comprehend the myriad that is the digital world. I designed my own personal website, then developed websites for others. This has enhanced my implementation of SEO techniques, to create engaging content with meticulous attention to detail.


Marketing Content

Into The Himalayas Treks and Expedition
Taking the South Route

Can you achieve a goal of a lifetime?

Expedition Himalaya
Women of Everest

The women who broke ground on Mt. Everest

Into The Himalayas Treks and Expedition
Jangbu Sherpa Profile

Profile of Into The Himalaya Founder, Jangbu Sherpa


Elephant Journal
5 Everyday Tips to Let Go & Live.

get elephant's newsletter If somebody had hurt me, I would carry this into other situations, like a swag bag of distrust and passive aggressive behaviour. When something didn't work out in my favor-such as a good outcome from countless job applications, success on funding applications, or receiving a favorable response to new ideas pitched for a project-I would take each hit personally and lose enthusiasm or the belief to carry on trying.

Sivana East
Give Yourself Permission To Be Great

Trust requires that we listen to our inner wisdom. Trust takes faith in the life process. Trust means we commit to living fully in the present. Sometimes we have this illusion that we have control over all events around us, fearing that if we let go we may fall, or face discomfort we spend most of our time trying to minimize.

Surviving (barely) and Mastering Asian Roads

London's traffic can be chaotic at times, or so I believed, that was until I arrived at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport and got my first glance of the chaos. Considered one of the 'calmer' cities in Asia, I was completely unprepared for the bedlam that greeted me, I must have looked like a lost puppy.

Advice & Guides

Choosing Your Flavor

Understanding the minefield of e-cigs can be daunting, this guide will help you understand the basic.

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