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Tending to the emotional side of your customer relationships - The Wise Marketer

Today's employers face a challenge their predecessors did not encounter: having five different generations in the workplace at the same time. Generational differences in technological fluency, work style and communication expectations combine to tax even the most accomplished leaders and enlightened organizations. By Len Vraniak So how do the most successful companies keep this diverse ...

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Do Changes in Loyalty Program Terms Equal Changes in Customer Loyalty? - The Wise Marketer

Companies offering tiered loyalty programs change program terms to balance costs and benefits and to gain new customers. Do they go too far? In May, Cathay Pacific Airways announced significant changes to its customer loyalty program. At the time, Paul Loo, the airline's Chief Customer and Commercial Officer, said the changes came from "listening to ...

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Is loyalty best served locally? - The Wise Marketer

Local businesses struggle to attract and retain customers. Can locally-focused loyalty programs help? By Len Vraniak Approximately 100 percent of all business owners expect to be successful, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that about 20 percent of small businesses fail within the first year and only about 50 percent will survive for ...

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Earning points for data security - The Wise Marketer

U.S. consumers currently hold about 3.8 billion memberships in customer loyalty programs, and they rely on companies to keep their award points and personal data secure. By Len Vraniak According to HelloWorld's 2017 Loyalty Barometer Report , 64 percent of consumers like earning points for purchases, and 70 percent like their loyalty programs partnering with others to increase ways to earn points.

Boeing Frontiers
Diverse education

Article highlights Boeing employees who embody the company's values of diversity and inclusion.

Speeches & Leadership Messages

Speech to JD Power & Associates
Building your wings on the way down

Keynote address by NASA Administrator Dan Goldin that showcases a creative approach to aligning NASA with the auto industry.

Boeing Frontiers
Make our differences count

Leadership Message from Michael C. Ford, Vice President of Global Diversity & Inclusion that conveys the company's diversity and inclusion strategy to employees.

Boeing Frontiers
Competing for our future

Leadership Message (see pgs. 7-9) sets out company priorities for the coming year.