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Leigh Mc Gowran

Journalism Graduate, DCU | BCO of The Business, RTÉ | Presenter and Producer of Sunday Edition, Dublin City FM | Reporter, The Green News | Reporter/Sub Editor, The College View | Reporter, DCUTV News | Contributor, DCU FM |

Leigh McGowran is a freelance journalist who studied in DCU, with interests in the environment, film, and radio. He strives to be a "jack of all trades" in journalism, with a focus on long-form writing and radio presenting.


Freelance/Volunteer Work

Interview with Bryan Dobson

RTÉ broadcaster Bryan Dobson tells Leigh McGowran about his times in Southside Radio and Radio Nova in the early 1980s.

Interview: Patricia Loughlan (DXer)

Patricia Loughlan from Raheny tells you her story as a DXer, listening to covert stations from Santry to behind the Iron Curtain to Australia.

Wireless FM/ DCU Archive
Irish Pirate Radio Archive

Evidence of interviews done for DCU Pirate Radio Archive, with Wireless FM

The Green News

Green News Ireland
Conservation groups call on State to reduce trawling on coastal waters

July 14th, 2018 Leading conservation groups have called on the Government to urgently limit trawling within Irish coastal waters due to the negative environmental and economic impacts caused. Responding to a public consultation on trawling activity inside the six nautical mile zone, the groups

Green News Ireland
Ireland fails to protect Irish waters according to Irish Wildlife Trust

July 8th, 2018 The Government has made little progress in protecting Irish waters and endangered sea life according to a new report from the Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT). Released today, the report indicates that Ireland has failed to establish a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to the l

Green News Ireland
GAA and Irish companies launch plans to reduce waste on World Environment Day

June 6th, 2018 The GAA has banned single-use plastics such as straws, coffee cups and cutlery from Croke Park, joining companies across Ireland taking steps to reduce their plastic waste. The stadium will start to serve tea and coffee in compostable cups this weekend as the GAA moves to remove

Green News Ireland
Chemicals in PVC plastic may increase obesity and diabetes risk

June 5th, 2018 Exposure to PVC plastic could increase the risk of obesity and prediabetes in humans, a new study shows. The study published in Environmental Health Perspectives indicates that dibutyltin (DBT), a chemical found in PVC, could be increasing obesity and diabetes rates. Research

Green News Ireland
New stationless bike scheme launched in Dublin today

May 30th, 2018 A new stationless bike scheme was launched in Dublin this morning, with 200 bikes launched immediately. Licenses were granted to two companies, Urbo and Bleeperbike, who will operate the new scheme. Increases in the number of bikes available are planned, with reviews on a monthl

Green News Ireland
Ireland making limited progress in decarbonising economy, says Commission

May 25th, 2018 A European Commission analysis has found that Ireland has made limited progress in decarbonising large parts of the economy and will not meet its 2020 climate goals with its existing mitigation efforts. The Commission's Country Report of Ireland for 2018 states that additional e

Green News Ireland
Number of cyclists in Dublin on the rise despite decreased State investment

May 24th, 2018 The number of cyclists in Dublin is higher than ever despite decreased government investment in cycling infrastructure, new data has shown. The Canal Cordon Report 2017 outlines the total number of people entering the city centre between 7am and 10am since 2006. The report sh

Green News Ireland
Significant number of farmers deemed ineligible for GLAS payment

May 22nd, 2018 The government has started to process balancing payments under an agri-environment scheme to farmers, however, many participants have been deemed ineligible for payments. The balancing payments represent 15 per cent of the 2017 year payment to farmers in the Green Low-Carbon Agr

Green News Ireland
National Biodiversity Week: Bat Walks Across Ireland

May 16th, 2018 During the event packed National Biodiversity Week (19 - 27 May), there are many opportunities to take part in bat walks and learn more about the only mammal capable of true powered flight. There are nine different species of bats across Ireland, and are all insectivorous (they

Green News Ireland
Opinion: Renewable energy thrives despite low oil costs

May 15th, 2018 Renewable energy now employs 10.3 million people globally, a 5.3 per cent increase from 2017, with solar energy being the largest employer. Predictions are now being made that renewable energy will be as cheap as oil consistently by 2020. Similar predictions were being made i

Green News Ireland
Diesel excise hike could bring €500 million a year, Oireachtas Committee told

May 10th, 2018 Increasing the excise duty on diesel to the level of petrol could bring in up to €500 million a year and reduce our emission levels, the Oireachtas Committee on Budgetary Oversight heard on Tuesday. Speaking before the Committee, Professor Edgar Morgenroth presented the findings

Portfolio Report

Leigh Mc Gowran
Portfolio Report

Details of Leigh Mc Gowran's Portfolio Work

The College View

The College View
Students say studies suffer while working in college - The College View

The College View spoke to students about their experiences balancing education both in secondary school and third-level education. This followed reports that one in five students aged 15 and over have a part time job while in school, according to the Irish Examiner. "I got my first job doing gardens part time at 16.

The College View
DCU Glee dazzle at the Helix - The College View

The Helix hosted incredible singing and dance routines as DCU's Glee performed on Monday 26th March. Their yearly showcase featured a live band, dramatic lighting and a variety of songs. The show included both group and solo performances.

The College View
DCU students march for transgender rights - The College View

Dean O'Reilly, the chairperson of DCU's LGBT society, said that there were roughly 25 students from DCU who showed their support in the march. "Events like this are mainly created by organisations like the Union of Students in Ireland, but this one was organised by two students: Luke Daly and Noah Halpin, which I feel is really important for the community," said O'Reilly.

The College View
Wellness Wednesday and Hangover Hub debut at DCU - The College View

Wellness Wednesday events are in full swing in the Glasnevin Campus of DCU to encourage students to be in touch with their physical and mental health in college. Sorcha Murphy, the Chairperson of DCU's Mental Health Society, explained that Wellness Wednesdays used to only be in the St Patrick's College, and have now moved to Glasnevin Campus.



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