Lee Sustar

Cybersecurity practitioner, researcher and journalist

Location icon United States of America

I'm a contributor to a range of print and online publications and a technical writer.

My research, reports and investigations—in the U.S. and internationally—focus on the changing world economy and its impact on technological innovation.



SC Magazine
Application Security:Raising the stakes

Cybersecurity pros steeped in endpoint and net- work security must expand their expertise into applications – and developers need to come to grips with their own security challenges, experts say.

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Cyberarmies rising?

"It is really important to point out that countries are building these [cyberwarfare] units," Porsche says. "If you have 20 guys and I have 20 guys, then it's a fair fight. You don't have to have the equivalent of an Apache helicopter. One platform can take on 10 targets."

SC Magazine
Dissecting an APT Attack

These incursions are used for everything from the cyberarms race to espionage. Is the concept still relevant? Lee Sustar investigates.

SC Media US
Public-private partnership?: Intelligence sharing

The executive order (EO) creating Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs) - to be anchored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) - has highlighted a debate among information security specialists, not only about the increased role of government, but about the limitations of the entire threat intelligence sharing efforts.

SC Media US
No business like breach business

After every big data breach comes the Ghostbusters moment: Who you gonna call? A new class of companies are angling to be at the top of a list of breach responses that grows longer by the day.

SC Magazine
PCI: From compliance to security

Ten years on, PCI hasn’t prevented massive data breaches – but companies could be worse off without it. Can merchants turn PCI compliance into payment card security? Lee Sustar investigates.

SC Magazine
Can Privacy Survive?

The issue is not whether individuals can keep personal information to themselves, but who can handle it responsibly, reports Lee Sustar

A balancing act: Apple technology

"Apple needed a mobile payment story," says Gartner's Avivah Litan. Can the world's preeminent consumer electronics company offer ease of use for a proliferation of apps and mobile wallets while offering enterprise-grade security - all on the same mobile device?

SC Media US
Young hackers: Criminal or innovator?

As cybersecurity pros scramble to respond to one mega-breach after another, industry forums are full of opinions, proposals and pitches for new products and services. But ask whether young hackers who run afoul of the law for the first time should get a break from legal consequences, and an uncomfortable silence may follow.

SC Magazine
Digital Sprawl

Can the cloud keep pace with the security needs of an increasingly mobile world. Lee Sustar investigates.

SC Media US
Market forces: Supply and demand

The market, not government regulation, will push IoT security to a higher standard, says John Ellis of Ellis & Associates. Information security professionals still reeling from the latest megabreaches could soon face even bigger problems as demand drives the Internet of Things (IoT) global long before the inevitable competitive shakeout can drive insecure devices from the market.

SC Magazine
The agency that stepped up Federal Trade Commission

Call them the data breach police. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), once known primarily for chasing down flimflammers and makers of shoddy products, has transformed itself into the primary enforcer of federal law and regulations surrounding consumer privacy issues.

SC Magazine
Defense from the top FISMA

The DHS will gain more control - and federal cybersecurity likely will be improved - when a FISMA update is passed, reports Lee Sustar. Congress and the president seek to modernize FISMA in order to ensure the nation's security. After years of proposed changes, is finally morphing.

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