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A final year Economics and Marketing undergraduate with an interest in experiencing the world, enthusiastically talking to the coffee shop auntie, and embracing my pet dog.

Marie France Asia, women's magazine
10 Great ways to entertain your kids during a long flight

For those with a tablet their children are perpetually itching to grab, equip it with a shockproof foam case (often brightly coloured, which will only appeal to your child more) and load it up with some of their favourite videos and applications.

Marie France Asia, women's magazine
7 Places in Singapore where you can engage in water sports

huibing Hate being drenched in sweat while you work out? Water sports are a great alternative! East Coast Park might seem like an obvious place for water sports to be conducted, but the waters are too shallow to properly enjoy the seas.

Marie France Asia, women's magazine
10 Minimalist cafes in Kuala Lumpur you have to check out

If you love Artisan Roastery, be prepared to love Someplace Beautiful too. While the former is a coffee roastery, Someplace Beautiful takes the beauty of tea and their experience with Artisan Roastery and combines it into a magical destination.

Marie France Asia, women's magazine
5 Films with strong Asian female leads you have to watch

When news of Wonder Woman first hit the streets, people were hesitant, to say the least. After all, having a female-led superhero movie seemed risky, and critics were relentless in how lasting the flop would be. It's not like it hasn't been tried before: Elektra and Catwoman had both tried to breach the market, but to no avail.

Marie France Asia, women's magazine
Dining Guide: 10 Newly-opened restaurants you have to dine at

NAMI is the newest eatery that the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore has in their arsenal, and the quality will definitely impress. Serving up Japanese fine dining with the freshest of produce, NAMI will tantalise your taste buds with their omakase set, or opt for their a la carte and executive lunch sets.

Marie France Asia, women's magazine
Top 10 places in Bali to catch the perfect sunset

huibing One of the most underrated pleasures in Bali are its sunsets, and you definitely should not miss them each day you're there. The Tanah Lot Temple is an absolute beauty that has extreme cultural and religious significance to Indonesia. Legend has it that the village chief opposed a high priest's teachings of Hinduism.