Lea Jusi

Freelance writer, blogger, advocate

Location icon Philippines, Singapore

I'm a freelance article writer. I've written parenting articles for magazines in the Philippines and in Singapore. I've also written some advertorials for a major food manufacturer in the Philippines.

I'm a haiku writer. I write haiku daily to express myself and to exercise my brain.

I'm an interviewer. In the course of my writing, I look for people to speak with, and I enjoy listening to their stories.

I'm a homeschooling parent to two wonderful children. I love learning with and from them. I enjoy discovering stories and making projects with my children.

I'm a natural born researcher. I research almost everything - best types and brands of reusable water bottles, how to know your child's learning style, how to partition your hard drive, how to install a Minecraft mod, etc.

Proper Care And Storage For Your Book Collections | The home section of The SM Store
Proper Care And Storage For Your Book Collections

SM Home is the home section of The SM Store. Also known as Homeworld, SM Home is the largest one-stop-shop for all your household needs.

Milestones of a Toddler Two | MumCentre.com.my

Rafael loves his toy cars. He loves pushing them about, pretending they're in a race, lining them up and counting them 1, 2, 3. Suddenly, he starts throwing his cars mercilessly onto the floor.

Mumcentre Singapore
Spa-tastic: Spa Treatments For Mum To Be & After! - Mumcentre Singapore

By Lea Saguisag Jusi Are you busy going to childbirth preparation classes, shopping for all that baby paraphernalia, rearranging your house and fixing up the nursery? Or are you sleep-deprived and stressed out from caring for your new bundle of joy? Perhaps it's time to reward yourself with a trip to your favorite spa.

Mumcentre Singapore
Adoption - Should You Do It? - Mumcentre Singapore

Lea Saguisag Jusi Want to start a family or add to it? Considering adopting but not quite sure what it takes to do so? Rachel Miller, mother to 5-year-old Izzy and 1-year-old Alisya, shares about her family's experience adopting in Singapore. Q: How did you decide to adopt?A: Before we even had Izzy back in ...

Mumcentre Singapore
How To Handle Childhood Asthma - Mumcentre Singapore

Email Interview by Lea Saguisag Jusi "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, TEN! Ok, now we're ready for our bedtime story." This is probably how my 2 and 1/2-year-old son learned to count. Every night before I put him to bed, we count to ten as he takes a puff from his ...

Mumcentre Singapore
Why Do We Celebrate? - Mumcentre Singapore

Lea Saguisag Jusi We love celebrating the different festivals in Singapore, especially with our children. Who wouldn't, with all the food and fanfare that comes with these festivals? But what do our children understand about them? How do we teach them about our various festivals? Preschool teacher Mrs.

Mumcentre Malaysia
Best Of Both Worlds - Mumcentre Malaysia

Lea Saguisag Jusi Starting a business is always a challenge. Having a family and raising young children are no small tasks either. Can one have the best of both worlds - a hands-on mum and an on-the-go businesswoman? Here are the stories of two entrepreneurial Singaporean women who happily say yes!

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