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I'm a results-oriented, driven, team player, insert more buzzwords...hang on, that got a little too Silicon Valley. It’s simple. I’m a passionate PR professional. I thrive in environments where I'm challenged by new ideas and continually pushing the boundaries of traditional PR. While my drawing ability stalled in 2nd grade, my creativity shines when finding the perfect story angle, a compelling news hook or successfully navigating a crisis comms challenge or reactive news cycle. I draw energy and enthusiasm from my surroundings. I’m a confident communicator with a passion for helping brands effectively tell their story. Leslie Knope is my spirit animal. Let's dive in.


Corporate Communications Manager, TUNE

A CMO's guide to picking the right market research

Have you seen the latest study on how Twitter can influence purchase intent? What about the report that predicts that every American will have at least seven branded apps on their mobile device by 2010? Or the one that says email is all but forgotten by today's internet users, and all marketers who use that channel are officially beating a dead horse?

Direct Marketing News
Creative campaigns from Sheetz, ATT and Jameson Irish Whiskey

Creative campaigns from Sheetz, AT&T and Jameson Irish Whiskey When Sheetz, a gas station and convenience restaurant chain, wanted to raise awareness of its made-to-order coffee, it tapped Smith Brothers Agency and Harmelin Media for an integrated campaign.The company, which has 350 locations in six states, targeted professional men and women in a five-mile radius around each of its stores.

TUNE's Acquisition Spree Now Includes Artisan Mobile (Officially)

What leads users to install an app is important, but what happens after the install is critical. That's one of the main reasons behind attribution company TUNE's purchase of real-time analytics and messaging startup Artisan Mobile, announced Thursday.

Harvard Business Review
The Changing Economics of App Development

In many ways, app developers, like popular consumer brands in a supermarket, are locked in a fight for two scarce resources: consumer attention and shelf space.

The Big Story
Free housing, other efforts try to attract women to tech

SEATTLE (AP) - Free rent and groceries were selling points, but college freshman Aishwarya Mandyam was more excited about the chance to connect with like-minded women when she moved into the eight-bedroom house offered up by a Seattle software startup. "There's inspiration.

Google Looks For DoubleClick Measurement Partners

Google's move to allow third-party measurement partners to integrate mobile application installations and event data into DoubleClick should improve measurement and attribution for advertisers when it comes to app-related activities. Those might include everything from installations to engagement and purchases. The agreement solves a growing problem in the advertising industry with the explosion of data and Internet-connected devices.

Account Supervisor, Edelman

CyberWar Game Simulates Healthcare Attacks

Last week was rough for County West General Hospital. Its IT staff noticed almost immediately that the kickoff off round of FDA testing for a new drug from Bromley Weyland Pharmaceuticals appeared to be compromised. Patients in the study saw their monitor readings run the gambit of extremes. Worse, patient [...]

ABC7 San Francisco
Silicon Valley hacking event spurs cooperation to fight cyberattacks

About a week after President Obama called for new cooperation to fight cyberattacks, 40 people are engaged in a hacking event at Symantec in Silicon Valley. It's one of the first examples of what can be done when government and the private sector work together. This is role reversal time.

Senior Account Executive, Waggener Edstrom

I Want Her Job
Kara Fong: Program Manager, Apple Platform Experiences

Remember the days when you rushed home from school, threw your backpack on the floor, then clicked “connect” on your computer so you could get back to your friends? The beeps, tones and screeching, tinny noises of a dial-up Internet connection were your entry to another world. Kara Fong knew those sounds well.

Business & Money
The Best Place in the World to Work

No, seriously, the entire world. The Great Place to Work Institute (we didn't know it existed either) just ranked the best multinational company workplaces around the globe. And the winner is ... Microsoft. The information technology and software behemoth topped the institute's list as the multinational corporation that keeps its employees the happiest.

Recruiter Q&A: Microsoft's Rani Dent

Finding a Job Photograph by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg This is part of an ongoing series of Q&As with recruiters from top MBA employers. This week we bring you edited excerpts of an e-mail exchange between Bloomberg Businessweek 's Erin Zlomek and Rani Dent, MBA staffing consultant at .

When leaders are scarce, employees look to peers

Hiring may be easier when unemployment rates hover near double digits, but super talented candidates with years of experience will hardly ever hurt for a job. When Microsoft recently was looking to snag 300 senior managers from the competition, the company tried a different approach than the usual.

Account Executive, Nyhus Communications

Fast Company
Brand Storytelling: Connecting With Your Audience

At its very core, marketing is storytelling. The best advertising campaigns take us on an emotional journey-appealing to our wants, needs and desires-while at the same time telling us about a product or service. A brand's story comes from the company's own information, and if successful, it is accepted and integrated into the consumer's story.

The Seattle Times
Puget Sound area icons of the past split $750,000 grant

Nearly two dozen icons of Puget Sound's past will split $750,000 in grants as runners-up in a public contest to boost historic preservation in the Seattle area. A church on rails will get restored seats. A Whidbey Island ferry house will have its front porch rebuilt.

A Page from Tom Paulson
Partying for Prevention

Seattle has spawned all sorts of innovative approaches to selling things that most people would have thought couldn't be sold - like a $5 cup of coffee or books without a bookstore. But even the boldest Northwest innovators haven't thought of this. On Thursday night, young do-gooder entrepreneurs showed they could throw a killer party for 500-plus people in Seattle based on what most would have figured would just be a big buzz kill – diarrheal deaths in the developing world.

CRM Magazine
The Cure for the Common Virus

You know you've got it made when you sit down to a meeting with executives from the largest consumer electronics retailer in the United States and before you can get through your corporate spiel, they say, "Oh, we know who you are."

The Seattle Times
Town Hall Seattle, old schooner win $125,000 grants

Two Puget-Sound organizations - Port Townsend's Sound Experience and Town Hall Seattle - have been awarded $125,000 grants as part of Partners in Preservation, a nationally operated but locally focused program aimed at historic preservation. Two Puget Sound organizations each have been awarded $125,000 renovation grants through a contestlike program aimed at historic preservation, posting the first photo-finish in the campaign's five-year history.

A Party With a Purpose: Young People Pulling Together For Global Health | Xconomy

The Washington Global Health Alliance is organizing "A Party With a Purpose," on June 3. This cocktail party is designed to attract people in their 20s and 30s, raising awareness of global health problems, particularly rotavirus. The goal is to get 500 people to buy $25 tickets, which should support 63 centers for rotavirus treatment.

Fast Company
Getting It Right the First Time: Incorporating Data Tools Into Marketing Campaigns

It's crucial that marketing dollars are used in the most effective ways possible. So companies must determine beyond a shadow of a doubt who to target, what message works, where the most effective medium will be and when to share it. After all, you get a bigger bang for your buck if you get it right the first time.

The Seattle Times
New voices help spread the word about global health

There's a point at which a cluster of organizations working on a problem starts to feel like more than the sum of its parts. That kind of multiplier effect fueled Silicon Valley's technology innovation for decades. There's a point at which a cluster of organizations working on a problem starts to feel like more than the sum of its parts.

Fast Company
Customer Retention in Tough Times

Economic downturns can wreak havoc on businesses. As a business owner or manager, it's important to make an honest, accurate assessment of your situation and take the necessary steps to remain healthy. Customer retention and business development are central to successful managing through a downturn.

Historic tall ship cruises to victory in Puget Sound

SEATTLE - It has sailed the waters of the world for nearly a century and now the majestic schooner Adventuress cruises the Puget Sound as a learning vessel. For boy scouts, girl scouts, sea scouts, bringing young kids out to sea and learning the ropes so to speak, said Capt.

Fast Company
Why Community Is the Secret to Being One of the "Good Guys" in Business

Limitless access to information today has created a more educated consumer base. Truth and transparency have become de facto for businesses. Consumers no longer buy just a product or service. They are committing to brands and buying stories that resonate with them.

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