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Hello! Since 2003, I've been working as an entertainment journalist. My career has involved prolific daily coverage of music, movies -- and the minutiae of Taylor Swift's dating habits. And I've also led editorial coverage of events including TIFF, the MMVAs, the Junos and the Canadian Screen Awards -- reporting for print, web, social and video (often simultaneously). With seven years of experience working in a digital environment, I've more recently moved my focus to social media. Currently, I'm the community manager for @CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and I voice the parent brand's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels. But that's not what you'll find here. Instead, I've collected a fraction of what I contributed to Postmedia News publications during my time as writer/senior web editor for Canada.com and Dose.ca. Hope you like corny jokes about Justin Bieber...




National Post
Sloan: Hit and Running Again

As with most phone conversations, a phone call with Sloan's Chris Murphy starts with the most inane of questions: How are you? "I'm well -- but you mean, after having been hit by a car or whatever?"

National Post
Buck 65 Feature: How to Make a Buck

Someone's giving Buck 65 a bloody nose. The Nova Scotia rapper is taking the abuse with good humour, as if he's experienced it all before. It helps, also, that this particular injury is being applied out of a bottle of fake bood -- it's mint-flavoured, in fact, a comforting bit of info should any of it dribble below his '70s handlebar moustache.

Vancouver Province
Interview: Adele

(Originally published on Dose.ca, March 7, 2011)

City and Colour: In Case You Missed It, His Name is Dallas Green

(Originally published on Dose.ca) It's Juno nominations day. Infotainment hosts are preening, publicists are schmoozing and Dallas Green is being batted around from camera to camera like a mouse in a room of cats wearing too much foundation. With the thumbs up from his tight team of industry peeps, Green squeezes out of the melee.

National Post | Arts
Interview: One Direction

Friends and self-identified Directioners: This would be an example of understatement...

National Post
Ke$ha: She Knows Jack

These days, brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels is out of the question for Ke$ha. The singer's electro-pop debut single, TiK ToK, introduced the world to that particular oral hygiene quirk, just as it introduced us to Ke$ha herself.

What's The Big Jingle?! (Dispatches from MuchMusic's holiday pop festival featuring Carly Rae...

Some children wish for toys at Christmas. Still others wish for peace and love and joy and whatever. And then there are the thousands of kids who want nothing more than to spend six hours lavishing adoration upon their favourite pop stars -- The Wanted, Carly Rae Jepsen, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, Simple Plan, Shawn Desman, Tyler Shaw, Bridgit Mendler, and (one half of) LMFAO.

I used to write a lot of silly things about Justin Bieber...

Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" Video Debuts Sans Fondue

If Justin Bieber were your boyfriend, you'd probably spend a lot of time in parkades. The pop star's "Boyfriend" video debuted Thursday night -- amassing more than 2 million views on YouTube by this morning.

National Post | Arts
Justin Bieber is now a high school graduate

A pop star's coming-of-age might involve things like a "sexy" new image, a "sexy" new sound, a "sexy" new tribute to N*Sync's Girlfriend video (which you can watch at the bottom of this post). Justin Bieber has experienced all these things as he prepares for his June 19 album release, Believe - the pop star's would-be graduation from tween-pop.

National Post | Arts
Justin Bieber's pet snake, Johnson, up for sale

There are many gags that could open this Justin Bieber story - jokes that simply shouldn't be made about a 17-year-old boy and his no-touch zone - so suffice to say this: Justin Bieber has a pet snake named Johnson, and he is auctioning it for charity.

And Taylor Swift...

Taylor Swift's YouTube webcast: 16 things we learned

Gather round, Taylor Swift fans, because Swift had some "really cool" news to share last night on YouTube - news that involved an album announcement (and, yes, even a status update on Meredith the Cat). Here are 16 things we learned from her very special webcast - that's one fact for every upcoming album track!

And an assortment of other famous people, such as...

National Post | Arts
Ryan Gosling is not the sexiest man alive, says Ryan Gosling

In November, People magazine failed to name Ryan Gosling 2011's Sexiest Man Alive. Instead, the title went to Bradley Cooper, and the public, which knows dreamy when they see it, cried shenanigans. A movement was formed (#OccupySexy), a petition was launched, and protesters gathered outside People magazine's New York offices.

National Post | Arts
George Clooney says Ryan Gosling is sexier than Bradley Cooper

According to People magazine, the Sexiest Man Alive is Bradley Cooper. But what do editors know about sexy? To truly evaluate which combination of hair, teeth, musculature and promotional tie-ins makes for the sexiest of them all, one must call on a complete authority, a man who has proven time, ...

Miley Cyrus Eats 'Cake,' Mild Scandal Follows

Cake. It's delicious, it's delectable -- it's our favourite genre of reality TV. ( Cake Boss 4evr.) If you're Miley Cyrus, it's also a necessary accessory to a minor scandal.

National Post | Arts
Beyonce named People magazine's Most Beautiful Woman

Beyonce is beautiful. You know it, Jay-Z knows it, anyone with two eyes and a copy of 4 knows it, and according to magazine - that magic-mirror to the stars - there's nobody prettier than the 30-year-old pop star.


Justin Bieber's Believe - By the Numbers

How many times does Justin Bieber say the word "Girl" on his new album? And how many times can you expect to swoon while hearing it? We break down Justin Bieber's Believe.

Top 10 least sexy vampires

Just because Edward Cullen and the vampires of the Twilight Saga make your pants "sparkle" doesn't mean that all bloodsuckers are boyfriend-material. Just like humans, every vampire is unique - by ...

National Post | Arts
From Cee Lo Green to OK Go, the year that was in music videos

2010: a time that will go down in music-video history as the year Arcade Fire cyber-stalked your parents' house, Lady Gaga went on a crime spree with Beyoncé, and Cee-Lo made it OK to say the F-word in front of your nana. Truly, the dawn of a new age.

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