Laura Dorwart

Freelance Writer, Ph.D. candidate

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Laura Dorwart is a Ph.D. candidate and Fletcher Jones Fellow at UCSD and a graduate of Barnard College. She has an MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles.

Dorwart has bylines at Catapult, VICE, Bitch, AfterEllen, Dilettante Army, Ravishly, Dazed Digital, McSweeney's, SheKnows, and others. Beats include pop culture, education, health (especially mental health), disability, feminism, and politics. She is also a versatile content writer, curriculum developer, and copy editor.

'I'm confident we'll do just fine'

Lying in bed in a hotel tucked away in California wine country, my husband turned toward me and tentatively covered my hand with his. His eyes were wide and happy and a little teary. "We'll figure it out," he promised.

American Horror Story's Ally - always lied to but surviving

"I'm sorry, are... are you saying you believe me?" Ally (Sarah Paulson) asks breathlessly in a midseason episode of American Horror Story: Cult. She's just told Sally Keffler (Mare Cunningham), a middle-aged Berkeley grad and the only local citizen willing to run against Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) in the upcoming city council election, that Kai is heading a murderous cult and that her life could be in danger.

Bitch Media
"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is Finally Living Up To Its Name

In the opening credits of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's third season, beleaguered protagonist Rebecca Bunch (show creator Rachel Bloom) turns into Carrie Underwood à la "Before He Cheats" when she sings "crazy's when I go off the rails, this is what you've done to me" as she bashes in a car window.

McSweeney's Internet Tendency
List: A To-Do List Before You Write Your Dissertation

1. Your laptop is dead. Charge it. 2. While it charges, make yourself a cup of coffee. On your way to the coffeemaker, trip over your husband's laundry. Consider how long it's been since your interests have aligned, since he's read your work, since you've trusted his promises that he really reads the articles you tag him in on Facebook.

Pregnant Women Have the Most Bat-Shit Crazy Dreams

Mosuno / Stocksy I've always been an inventive dreamer: Demons, fangs, and post-apocalyptic hybrid bat-goat creatures populated my worst nightmares. My best dream adventures had me swimming in pools of pink macarons and gazing over frozen crystal icescapes.

These Are the Best Queer Reads of 2016 So Far - AfterEllen

This year might be weird in, well, pretty much every other way, but it's been a great year for lovers of LGBT lit. Here are five of the most acclaimed books published this year that feature prominent queer characters or were written by queer and/or trans authors.

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