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Lauren Boulay


My writing has been published for Breathing Happy, Slant News, Written in Chrome, The Mother Nature Network, Espial Arts and Literary Journal, and The Skinny Mountain Culture Magazine.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy trying out new recipes, writing for myself, walks and yoga.

To reach me, please email [email protected]

Breathing Happy
Deliberate Rest Days: A Great Incorporation to Active Lifestyles

The pressure is on when it comes to being fit. When I turn on the news or check out social media feeds, I keep seeing “exercise is good, inactivity is bad.” And when I talk to others about exercise, the same thing seems to come up: stay committed and don't stop!

An excerpt from my fiction

Daily she would end up in this little bohemian café that never seemed to have enough tables on her lunch break. The staff were questionable individuals, as was the cleanliness. The café was ruled by a world underpaid and underachieving young clientele who simply wanted to express themselves, even if they were mediocre or talentless.

Charlie Hebdo Artist Responds To Terrorist Attacks With Instagram Illustrations

Parisians are known for loving life and Charlie Hebdo artist Joann Sfar is no exception. Friday evening, after a series of attacks on the city of Paris, the artist published a series of sketches to her Instagram account, defending the lifestyle and pride of Parisians as a response to the second terrorist attack in Paris in a year. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks claiming that Paris is a "capital of adultery and vice."

Breathing Happy
How Weird Dreams May Actually Help Us

There are times in life when we experience the ever dreaded state of stress overload. Western society is fast-paced with rarely any time to "stop and smell the roses." All of us have responsibilities such as jobs, money, relationships, children, health...

The Skinny Mountain Culture Magazine
Lessons from a Big City Girl

I remember just last May when I would go grab a cup of coffee any of the scores of cafes in my native Seattle. This simplest of tasks would take mere moments. Getting something and getting somewhere was easy. In Seattle, my punctuality was rarely thrown off.

Breathing Happy
Coloring: No Longer Just for Kids! How it Can Help Adults Reduce Stress

Have you ever watched a child as they delve into their favorite coloring books? Have you seen their perplexing concentration, enjoyment and noticed the complete atmosphere of serenity that surrounds them? Does this aura make you as an adult a little bit, well, jealous?

Breathing Happy
Are You Feeling S.A.D.? Light Therapy Might be for You

I am literally sitting in front of my computer with a therapeutic light box on my desk, shining at me as I write. It's bright, but not annoyingly so... as long as I don't look at it directly. It feels like I'm writing on a patio on a sunny day, even g...

Breathing Happy
Sleep and the City: How White Noise Benefits Urban Sleepers

My little family lives in a noisy complex. Near a freeway. In the city. Night after night, it's not unusual to find bed-time accompanied by sirens, car horns, the sounds of drunk debauchery slowly making its way home and echoing televisions. Needless to say, getting to sleep and staying asleep is often a problem.

You've Never Seen Photos Of Famous Landmarks Like This Before

We’ve all seen our friends' vacation photos of famous landmarks such as The Eiffel Tower and The London Eye, with our friend standing in front of the subject, a big grin on their jet-lagged faces, and a small book of must-see tourist attractions in their hands. These photos are common and we've all gazed at more than one in our lifetime.

Written In Chrome
Alberta, Canada: Top Routes for Visiting the Versatile Province

There are so many wonderful destinations and roads to enjoy your bike on in North America. Living in western Canada, my dream is to someday get on the bike with my husband and ride to eastern Canada and New England. I would love to take in some historical...

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