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Lauren R. S. Kistner

Copywriter, Editor, Proofreader, Literary Specialist

Location icon United States

As a child I found my solace in multiple book series, The Magic Treehouse, The Black Stallion, Thoroughbred, Pony Club. Within the pages I found everything I would need to take on society and the complexities of human interaction. This soon blossomed into a literary love affair that has carried me into my early adulthood and - I have all the faith in the world - into the entirety of the rest of my life.

I bring with me not an obligation or necessity to write & edit, but a passion. Whether I'm writing a blog for a business website or creating a technical manual on the use of a specific medication, the opportunity to learn as I work is vital to me. There is no subject too technical or bland, as there is always something to be learned from any writing assignment, and the more subjects you take on, the richer and more developed your sphere of knowledge will be.

In addition, it is a huge driver to unlock within anyone's work its full potential. Many incorrectly think they are poor or untalented writers simply because they are overly skilled at putting every single thought on a page. By refining and determining which thoughts link, which bolster the argument, or which simply say what the author is truly trying to convey, one can bring forth the vividness in someone's work and ensure that the absolute best version of the author and of the work is put forth. Little is more rewarding than that.

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