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I'm a professional writer and editor, and specialize in parenthood, travel, lifestyle, higher education, and more. I've been writing professionally for five years, and can manage content and write copy like you wouldn't believe. I'm also a middle school teacher by day who loves red pen days-- and I also know the "red pen" can come from a place of love. I'm a new toddler mom, and old mom to a stinky chocolate lab. Happily married, unhappily not on a beach right now.

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Apartment Therapy
I Saved $7K Living with My Parents-Here's How We Managed

When I was a kid, I used to dream of busting out of my hometown. I'd pine for shows in the mid-2000s that featured gorgeous locales like cities in California, or chic ones like New York City. I was convinced that once I made my big move, it'd be permanent: There would be no turning back to come home again.

Baby Chick
Dear Stretch Marks

Let me begin by saying this: I thought I was the cocoa butter queen of the world. I lathered myself from hips to nips from the time I was 4 weeks pregnant (yep, you read that right) until the day before I went to the hospital, convincing myself I would elude these nefarious markings of motherhood.

Apartment Therapy
The Best Investment Advice I Got From My Grandfather, a Landlord of 25+ Years

My grandfather grew up low-income in rural North Carolina during the mid-20th century. Despite having to take a job instead of finishing high school, he is now one of the most successful people I know. One of the ways he built his wealth was diligently saving his money while he and my grandmother were just starting out, so he could invest in real estate.

Baby Chick
10 Things No One Tells You About Having a C-Section

I had my dream birth plan. It was carefully crafted, revised multiple times to include small details like the playlist I hoped to give birth to, and represented the birth I had always dreamed of.

School Leaders Now
17 Ways Rewarding Teachers Shows Gratitude All Year Long

It's time to take some new approaches to showing the wonderful teachers you work with that you notice their hard work and care about them. There are many small, genuine ways for those in administration to reward teachers. These simple gestures will remind teachers just how invaluable they truly are and how much you appreciate them.

What It Feels Like To Get A Bill For Your Miscarriage

"If you're having a mental health crisis, please hang up and call your PCM ..." the robotic voice for my prior insurance trailed off, and I began to wonder whether I actually was having a mental health crisis.

Keeping Kids Safe in a Digital World

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock There's a general consensus in the parenting world: We want what's best for our children, and we want more for them than we had growing up. This desire to supply our kids with the best of the best is personified in the wide array of electronic devices available to them.
An Open Letter to All the Unsolicited Advice Givers

Dear Extra-Opinionated/Entitled/Judgy Aunt, If I could overcome my fear of confrontation, I might have told you many things this afternoon after listening to you dole out your brand of "advice." All of it unasked for.
I Refuse to Be Mom-Guilted Into a Big First Birthday Party

After a long struggle to prove otherwise, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm simply not a Pinterest mom. I'm not nearly organized enough, and we're not part of the bougie baby crowd that keeps up with the latest and greatest. We're just doing our best.

Baby Chick
When You're a New Mom with Anxiety

Pregnancy: what a blissful, joy-filled time in a woman's life, right? For some, perhaps. For me? It was nerve-wracking, hand-wringing, symptom-googling agony. Don't get me wrong-I was so thrilled to be pregnant that I happy-cried every time I thought about our little baby, but I also sad-cried every time I let my anxiety overrule what should have been some of the best days of my life.

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