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Lauren Lee Reeves

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On the Difficulties of Parenthood, as a 22 Year Old with No Children

When most people my age talk about motherhood, they are either complaining about their own mothers or expressing the means to which they go to ensure that they don't soon become mothers.If they are talking about their own experiences as mothers, it's in reference to brand-new babies, who they can dress up in cute Halloween costumes and show off in adorable Instagram posts.They rarely talk about what it's like to raise a twelve-year-old seventh grader, unless of course they're in conversation...

My Inheritance, a Typewriter

My Grandma always mentioned getting the typewriter working again.Every time I climbed on top of the loft bed in the office that used to be my uncle's bedroom to play around with the keys, she would say that it would work if only she could find a ribbon for it.She

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