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I'm a communications professional with more than 12 years of experience working with small business, large enterprise and thought leaders. My passion for people, connection and telling great stories saw me train as a journalist, before moving into the world of public relations, communications and content.

This is where I profile a small sample of the writing I do on behalf of the brands, businesses and personalities I represent.

Away from work, I write for fun too: https://medium.com/@lauren.gleeson


Thought Leadership

Last brands standing

The world is shifting fast, how and where each of us choose to buy is impacting communities. When I walk down the strip of local shops in my old neighbourhood of Balmain in Sydney, I notice that every third storefront or so is empty.

What is brand trust and why is it so important?

Trust is a topic that continues to trend - and in times of Royal Commissions and business failures - it's a topic more important than ever. This is a topic I think about a lot.

Ghostwriting (on behalf of Naomi Simson)

Naomi Simson: Five marketing rules I still live by - SmartCompany

It's 20 years since I left my corporate marketing role to start my own show, and while the world of media has changed, the fundamentals have not shifted. Brands are created in the hearts of customers because they 'feel' something for your enterprise. This tends to fall into three buckets: functional, social or emotional.

Final impressions count: Owning the last mile

Food delivery services are on the rise - with a generation of 'I want it now!' what does this really mean for restaurants - and the customer experience? The young people in my life would prefer to order 'Uber Eats' or another delivery service than open a can on baked beans (my go to food as a graduate) On average, Australians eat out two to three times a week.

Tidying up: Why 'stuff' is out of fashion

"Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like." Will Rogers Self storage is a booming business. This billion-dollar industry is growing at 1.5% annually according to IBIS world. That's s a lot of 'stuff'.

Brand Content

Interior design predictions: The next 5 years - Designbx

With the world - and the way we occupy it - constantly changing, interior design must also move with the shifting tides. Here we get the crystal ball out and make some predictions about how the interior design world will shake itself up in the coming years, in response to market factors and changing customer...

Being "busy" is a productivity myth | Redii

"Busy is being in one place doing one thing with the nagging sense that you ought to be somewhere else doing something different" Jane Porter (FastCompany) Busy has become a term worn like a badge of honour, especially in the workplace. Being 'busy' has somehow become synonymous with being productive, accomplished, successful.

The A-Z of Employee Engagement | Redii

No one said it better than The Jackson 5... "All you gotta do is repeat after me; A B C, easy as one, two, three". Employee Engagement may be the holy grail of operational success, but it doesn't have to be overly complicated. Here we've compiled an 'A to Z of EE' to help your ...

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