Lauren Bobbitt

Freelance Writer

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I am a tried and true Midwesterner, trained in English literature and shaped by travel, who specializes in storytelling about people and places. Specific interests include food, farming, and culture.

A Well Worn Path

Stillness. It has been on my mind for weeks now - for all the weeks of July and August that I have been walking but not writing, wading my way through an especially hot and humid Indiana summer. And I have been trying to keep track of the different kinds of stillness that I...

Traders Point Creamery
Why Should You Be Talking to Your Kids About Dairy?

Yes, the schoolyear is upon us once again, and our children have returned to the place where they are educated for 9 months of the year. But anyone who has at least one child in their life knows that true education must include the lessons that are learned outside the four walls of a classroom.

Traders Point Creamery
Chase Away the Winter Blues by Loving Your Guts

There is a certain vulnerability that comes upon our farm in winter. The pastures must surrender their prairie grasses, which in warmer months will catch a man at the waist or hide a calf from view. Reduced to stubble, the land is laid bare to the open sky.
What Does Cultural Transformation Look Like in Business?

It's easy to garner assent, from nearly all sides, that the American political and social landscape is in a bleak and disappointing moment. From such a place, we long for touchpoints that inspire hope. Where are there fresh winds blowing that inspire excitement and creativity?
Justice and Mercy in American Immigration

Fairness is the overriding desire of Danielle's clients as well. They are all enthusiastic believers in the American dream - in contrast, Danielle notes, to many Americans now - and want the opportunity to pursue that possibility through a just process.

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