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Lauren Alworth

Student, Aspiring Journalist

Location icon United States of America

I'm an outgoing, driven, and highly motivated public relations and journalism student with a knack for communication and a love of writing. My mind is always open and eager to learn about new issues and to share stories with the world. I'm passionate about the environment and animal rights and hope to collaborate with like minded people to help make a difference.

I'm a coffee enthusiast, an avid book reader, a meticulous journal keeper, a victim of the travel bug, an overzealous hockey fan, an amateur hiker, and a reawakening runner.



Element magazine - NZ Herald News
Report on effects of 1973 Mururoa nuclear testing

In 1973 the New Zealand government protested against French nuclear testing at Mururoa. The two-frigate protest sparked international pressure for the testing to stop, which forced the French to move to underground testing. Now, 42 years later, an independent report detailing likely exposure and risk from radiation is to be released in October.

Element magazine - NZ Herald News
Key criticised for lofty UN commitment

Prime Minister John Key arrived in New York on Monday, 28 September to attend a United Nations General Assembly week.

Element magazine - NZ Herald News
Local climate talks beckon positive change

The Australia-New Zealand Climate Change & Business Conference is to be held in Auckland at the end of October. It recognises that governments can address climate change head-on by making policies that reduce emissions and adapt to climate impacts.

Element magazine - NZ Herald News
DOC aids waterway restoration project

The Department of Conservation will add $180,000 in funding to the Million Metres Streams Project to restore New Zealand's waterways

Element magazine - NZ Herald News
The health of Auckland's environment

On Thursday 9 October, Auckland Council released its state of the environment report, 'The Health of Auckland's Natural Environment In 2015.' The report presents the current and potential environmental issues, recent changes, and long term trends in Auckland.

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